Monday, June 24, 2019

Terraonion's MegaSD Lets You Play Sega CD Games Without A Sega CD!

Terraonion, makers of pricey but really awesome flash devices for the Neo-Geo and TG-16/PC Engine have just released their latest device and it's VERY awesome indeed. The simply named "Mega SD" allows you to play Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Sega/Mega CD, Master System and 32X rom files. Even more mind-bending, CD games DO NOT require the Sega CD add-on. That means if you have JUST a Genesis then you can play Sega CD games. 32X games do require a 32X unit. Also, from online reports, it seems CD emulation is broken with the 32X at the moment, so no 32X CD games yet.

The "Mega SD" can be purchased from Terraonion's site

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

I Think Nintendo Won E3

Well, they had me at this game... Am a HUGE fan of the Saturn (and Windows 95) version of the game. While most people are excited for the follow-up of Breath of the Wild, that is still a ways off. Panzer Dragoon has a Winter release date meaning between December and Spring!

But lets be honest, Nintendo did show off A LOT of great games. Watch a few below

Konami Announces A Mini Console

Well, seems like this year Konami has realized they can milk the retro market. But with this, they can have my money, as I am a HUGE fan.

Watch Nintendo At E3 Live

Monday, January 7, 2019

Dead Or Alive 6 Delayed

Just as everyone is getting swept away with CES news, Koei Tecmo snuck in some news today as well. DOA6 has been pushed back to March 1st to "further polish" the game. Not sure how much 2 weeks will give them as they would need to start pressing discs soon. I guess we can expect a Day 1 patch for sure.

You can see  the full press release after the break

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Improve Wired Headphone Audio From A Nintendo Switch?

Like most people this time of year, I've been traveling to visit family. Also like most, a set of headphones is a must for long plane rides. My current phone is the Razer Phone, which also means carrying Razer's USB-C dongle which contains a 24 bit THX certified DAC. Sure, that may not mean much since Razer owns THX, but keep reading.

As of firmware 5.0, the Nintendo Switch could pass audio via its USB-C port. Most people have used this for wireless USB headsets. Now what happens when you're aren't paying attention and just plug your headphones with dongle attached to the Switch's USB-C port?

Pure audio bliss, that's what. Deeper, more vibrant audio. I just tried with Ys VIII and the recently released R-type and wow. Switching between the Razer dongle and the Switch's headphone jack was night and day.

If you use a wired headset, even a cheap set, this will most definitely improve your audio quality.

If interested, the dongle can be found here for $19.99 plus shipping.