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Anime classic "Grave of the Fireflies" now on Blu-Ray

Section23 Films has been on a roll lately. They have just released "Grave of the Fireflies" on Blu-ray for the magical price of $29.99. I remember Streamline Pictures (an anime distributor from the early 90's) charging $39.99 for this on VHS! This movie is a classic and deserves to be in any true anime fan's collection! Read the PR after the jump

Weird Al, Alice Cooper and more on Cartoon Network's “Annoying Orange” Holiday Special

 If you know me personally, you then know I personally can't stand most "children" programming on TV these days. Personally I LOATHE the annoying orange show, but this does tell me something. Obviously adults seem to what the show enough that Weird Al, Brent Michaels and Alice Cooper will be on November 26th's Holiday special. These guys were selling hits when I was just a kid, and I don't picture most kids knowing who any of these guys are... Either way, this may be the ONLY episode of this show that I purposely watch.. More after the jump...

NIS America's holiday sale begins next week.

With Black Friday going on this week, causing most people to forget about Thanksgiving, NIS  is waiting until next week to begin their holiday sale... Read more after the jump!

PSA: PlayStation Vita firmware 2.00 available now

Just in time for tomorrow's PSN store releases, including the new Vita instant collection titles, Sony has let loose the latest firmware update. Also, a new email app and an update to the web browser that allows you to surf while playing a game is also included.

So what do YOU think of the Wii U?

We all know what the media thinks of the Wii U. Besides the initial 5GB firmware update, it seems to be love it or hate it. So I ask you, the people, what do you think? Did you buy one? Does a Nintendo system not interest you?  Let us know.

Kotaku has a nice Wii U day 1 roundup!

Well, day 1 for Nintendo's new console is coming to a close and Kotaku has centralized all of their day one coverage. Sent from my Windows Phone

PSA: The Nintendo Wii U is now available! Updateed!

At 12:00 am EST the Wii U has become then 1st shot fired in the next gen console race. How long before Microsoft and Sony jump in? So go buy 1 and let us know how it plays! Update: apparently there is a VERY large initial update clocking in at almost 5GB. There have been reports of bricking when trying to restart or power loss...... So you may want to bust out the UPS that way power loss isn't an issue!