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We Hit The LVL UP Expo In Vegas!

As we are STILL sorting through CES video (our poor geriatric computers) we hit the LVL UP Expo today in sunny, but chilli, Las Vegas! We got to chat to some cosplay favorites like Constantine In Tokyo, Nicole Marie Jean, Spencer Doe and Ani-Mia as well as a new one, Amanda K! Also, due to the costume Kristen Hughey was wearing, it wasn't "conductive" to talking, so we will follow up via email interview with her! Let me say this, EVERY cosplayer we have talked to have been AWESOME, and these gals and guy were no exception. They were chatty, smiling, happy and well, enjoyed The Geeky Guru's professionalism! Also, to all the Vegas locals running booths.... you guys were fantastic. It was great to see that despite the Vegas stereotypes (gambling and hookers) we do have a great gaming and anime community! A few pics have already hit Kaiju's twitter account , but official pics and interviews will start flowing in soon! Until then........uh........ rock on?!

Go Pro On-Demand Channel Hitting Xbox 360 And Xbox One!

Soon you will not only be able to watch Go Pro videos when you want, but also purchase equipment directly from the app! Fulfilled by Microsoft, you can buy Go Pro cameras, mounts, cables, casings, etc right from your console. Read the full press release after the break

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Arcade Intro

Considering that Xrd -SIGN- is the first real follow up to Guilty Gear that isn't hand drawn, it looks amazing.

Villan Of My Youth Hanging Out With The Villan Of My Adulthood?

As most cool children of the 80's will agree, Skeletor was a creepy bad guy. With his skinless face and creepy voice, whoa! Then when Cartoon Network rebooted He-Man a decade or so ago, while using a different voice actor, Skeletor still had his signature voice. So what happens when you toss them together and add a hint of the awesome Constatine in Tokyo? Pure epic on video! Via Kotaku

EDITORIAL: Google and Samsung and Motorola and Lenovo, Oh my!

Oh Google, You've made some exciting, frustrating, and maddening news over the past few days. You're canceling your Nexus line in 2015, You're strong arming Samsung into cleaning up their Android OS tweaks, and you're selling Motorola Mobility to Lenovo. Just what in the heck are you up to? There certainly have been some interesting announcements and news stories lately surrounding Google's Android mobile OS. I've got some thoughts to share. Warning: This is ALL pure conjecture. I in no way have any insider information. I'm simply jumping to conclusions based on my musings of all this recent news. So what exactly IS Google up to?