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SPIKE CHUNSOFT Publisher Sale On Nintendo eShop

Spike Chunsoft is having their 1st publisher sale on the Nintendo eShop with prices slashed 30-80% until February 10. Games listed after the break

Kickstarter for The Wonderful 101 Remastered

While I normally don't agree with crowdfunding from established companies and publishers, for this I can make an exception. While they already smashed through their modest goal almost 10x over, this remaster of the Wii U classic is a few dollars away from a PS4 release (strech goal was hit as I typed this) and is already landing on the Switch physically and Steam. There are a few other stretch goals that have yet to be announced. Also one of the rewards is to be "Blocked on Twitter by Kamiya", which can be obtained for free by asking him a stupid question on twitter...or confusing him for someone else on Twitter.... Or asking for a follow up of a game he mail while at another company..... or thanking him on a game he didn't work on.... or just about anything! Either way, many people did not get to play this gem on the Wii U since people hated the Wii U without trying it and this is a great way to rectify that mistake. Wonderful 101 Remastered Kickstarter

Jim Power Kickstarter

NES version While not many of you may know this, but there is a Jim Power Kickstarter for release on the NES, Genesis, SNES, Amiga CD-32 and TG-16 CD! While the Snes, Amiga and PC-Engine versions already exist, the Genesis version never was completed, the CD-32 gets the PC-Engine soundtrack, the TG-16 CD was a Japan exclusive and the NES is a brand new port! As of this post, the game is a bit more that $300 away from it's goal! Jim Power Kickstarter