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Nokia and Verizon Officially Announce the Lumia 928!

Nokia just sent out a press release announcing one of the worst kept secrets, Verizon's Lumia 928. A CDMA variant of last years Lumia 920, which ISN'T a bad thing. Verizon customers can now experience what GSM users have for almost a year, quite possibly the best Windows Phone 8 device! Read the full PR aft the jump

Synology Will Soon Releases the DS213J!

Synology is proud to announce the latest entry-level NAS, the DS213J will be released later this month.. Running the latest Disk Station Manager software, DSM 4.2, the DS213J is perfect for your home network. We had a chance to play with DSM 4.2 at CES and it's hands down one of the best pieces of NAS software I have ever played with. From the home network to the enterprise, Synology knows what they are doing!! UPDATE: The DS213J has not yet been released, but will be soon. Read the full PR after the break

Former NIS America Employees Start a New Game Publishing Company!

Three former NIS employees have opened what is not just a game publisher, but a studio with roots in all facets of the game industry! Besides production and publishing, they will also encompass localization, marketing, and anything else they want to do or find interesting!! Being a huge fan of NIS, I am hoping acttil takes off! "Acttil is a new, independent game and digital contents publisher, established in Los Angeles, CA. Founded by former NIS America members Jack Niida, Hiroko Kanazashi, and Nao Miyazawa, acttil will focus on bringing fun, creative games and digital contents such as eBooks from around the world that will target PC, consoles, web, and mobile platforms. Acttil will deliver products and services that are adventurous and unique, sure to make everyone smile. “We are optimistic with the current digital content environment. It is quite promising for independent developers and we would love to work closely with them and help achieve their goals“, says

PhotonWaveZero Returns From The Dead: Iron Mache 3 *ehem* Iron Man 3 Review

Greetings geeks and geekettes! Quoting the cleverly narcissistic Tony Stark: "It's good to be back!" I apologize for my rather excessive absence. Life has a way of taking glorious fun time and turning it into detestable suck time (pardon my French). I'm sure everyone here can sympathize with that issue. Anyway, you didn't come here to listen to my nerdy banter, so on with the review!  P.S. My review is very indirect, but may contain *Minor Spoilers*. Read the entire review after the jump!