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Mugen Souls Available on PSN Today!

So... Why aren't you playing it? If you didn't pick up the physical release, now's your chance to not bother running to the store!!! Read the full PR after the break!

HALO TV Series Announced by Steven Spielberg

Sounds interesting, especially since the Peter Jackson movie never left pre-production! Read more at Aint It Cool News

The XBOX One Is Announced!

Developing... Sent from my Windows Phone

Arc System Works Anncounces Guilty Gear Xrd!!!

Just announced at the Arc System Works Festival. This Unreal Engine Powered fighting game looks AMAZING! Despite being powered by a 3D engine, the game keeps it's 2D character look and feel! To top it off, here's the trailer!!! So far this is Arcade only, which means not many players outside of Japan will probably get to play it until its inevitable home console release. Sources: Shoryuken and Arc System Works