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Macross gets Blu-Ray box set with Pachinko footage

Greetings Geeks! So while Bandai USA seems to be on it's way to an untimely demise, Bandai Japan is apparently still pumping out releases. One of these is something very near and dear to this Geek's heart. Super Dimensional Fortress Macross!

Review - American Horror Story: Season 1

I am not a horror fan but something about American Horror Story enticed me. I figured it was worth the Rule of 3 and I was right. 

Harry Potter: App Edition

In a press release from Warner Bros. today, The multimedia studio giant announced the release of The Harry Potter Film Collection App. Screenshots and links after the jump...

BANDAI to Stop Manufacturing Physical Media

Greetings Geeks, Sorry for the lack of updates. The Holidays can be overwhelming. Lets start off the New Year on a low note shall we? It looks like Bandai is done with physical media. In a press release sent today, the company released the details of it's future "focus shift".  Bandai has cancelled future releases of Anime in all formats and Manga. They are also closing up their online presence as they will be closing their Facebook and Twitter accounts. I don't know about you but if I was working at Bandai right now, I'd start polishing up my resume. It's starting to feel more and more like a sinking ship. Full PR after the jump...