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The Winners So Far For Digimon!!!

Well, all but 1 of our winners have contacted us!!! The above picture is our Grand Prize Winner! All the information has been sent to FlatIron Films , except the 1, and should receive your prizes soon! No, for privacy of the winners, I'm not posting any names, but if they wish to chime in in the comments below, I can't stop them! Congratulations to all our winners!!! Update: Everyone has contacted us!!!

Contest Time! Win The Complete DIGIMON Second Season on DVD!

UPDATE: Contest Over!!! We will be looking over all submissions and contacting the winners directly. once we confirm with the winners and FlatIron, we will post who won what! Update #2!!! All winners have been co n tacted via F acebook or G oogle + or both! PLEASE reply!!! The quicker you do, the quicker we can send the information to FlatIron Films! Our friends over at Flatiron Film Company is sponsoring our new contest! With the upcoming release of The Official Digimon Adventure Set: The Complete Second Season, the direct sequel to the original Digimon series; and Digimon Adventure: Volume 2, which includes 18 episodes from season 1; take a wild guess at what we are giving away? That's right! We are giving away 1 Grand Prize of the Complete Second Season, a $79.99 MSRP, and  Digimon Adventure:Volume 2, a $19.99 SRP!!! So what do you have to do to get in on this?