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Micro Review: Lemmings on the PlayStation Mobile Format

Months ago, Sony shuttered Studio Liverpool, the company formally known as Psygnosis. Fast forward and the Psygnosis classic, Lemmings, is now available as a PlayStation Mobile title for your Vita or PlayStation certified Android device.

Review - Tactslider's Tornado game controller

Do you have a mobile device? A Tablet perhaps? Or an iPhone? These days most gamers carry some sort of mobile device capable of some form of gaming. And while we gamers are desperate to get our fix, finding joystick controls for these mobile devices has been a less than pleasant experience. Well, I can honestly say that things are about to change.

Micro Review: Ikaruga on Android

The Dreamcast and GameCube classic and fan favorite, Ikaruga, is back, and now you can play it anywhere! Developed by Treasure, Ikaruga has been seen as many as a spiritual successor to the Sega Saturn favorite Radiant Silvergun. One thing is for sure... Ikaruga is most definitely a Bullet Hell Shooter and is far from easy.

Editorial: Why does it seem like game hardware doesn't have a long lifespan?

Like most gamers, I have more than one console. Like few gamers, I have consoles that span decades! I have been gaming since the 80's, and with the exception of an Atari 5200 destroyed by a hurricane, I still own them all. A working Atari 2600, NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Sega Genesis, multiple working Saturns, Dreamcasts, PS Ones, Turbo Duo, TG-16 /w CD, 2 Neo-Geo MVS units and more! All with dozens of games, all work. What I have noticed is that with the last 2 generations aren't as "durable" as the consoles of the past.

Injustice Battle Arena Week 2 Challengers

Well, Batman obviously defeated Bane and Wonder Woman defeated Harley Quinn last week. This week we have The Flash vs Shazam and The Joker vs Lex Luther! I put my cards on The Flash and The Joker! Watch the build-up and then go vote, you could win some cool prizes! And VOTE as the winners will be announced this Friday!

Hyperdimension Neptunia the App now available

Building up momentum for the release of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory for the PlayStation 3, as if the Limited Edition wasn't enough, a companion app has been released for iTunes. This free app allows you to interact with 2 girls from the world of Gamindustri, Noire and Neptune. Granted, with the free version will only get you so much, and each "CPU" can be upgraded for $4.99 each. On top of that, you can purchase additional costumes and voices afterwards. Not sure how this will do in the US, but we are looking forward to the PS3 game's release! Unfortunately it's for iDevices only. Screenshots after the jump!