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He IS Iron Man!

Well it's confirmed. Robert Downey Jr. has been a busy man. He has not only been in 2 of the top 5 grossing films of all time, but he's just solidified his future as Tony Stark for Marvel AS WELL AS signed a deal with HTC to be their pitch man. I don't know about you, but for a guy who has had a pretty bad run in with addiction and the law, RDJ seems to have really come around. Good for him. Full PR after the jump.

Contest! - Man of Steel

Greetings Geeks! With the release of Man of Steel this weekend and the yearly celebration of Dads known as Father's Day, we've got a contest for you! Up for grabs is a Hard Cover edition of Action Comics #1. Courtesy of our good friends at Heroes Haven Comics in Tampa, FL How do you win this splendid prize? Simple. Just like,+,follow our page on your favorite social network listed here and post a picture of you or your Dad with something Superman related. Bonus points for you AND your Dad with something Superman related! Tag your post with #GrottoOfSteel and we'll check it out. We'll pick a winner next week. Good luck! Google+: Facebook: Twitter:

acttil Announces Their 1st Release: Little Witch Academia Collectors Edition And Contest For Anime Expo

acttil, a new company dealing in just about anything and everything they like or enjoy, has announced they will assist TRIGGER with marketing Little Witch Academia Collectors Edition later this summer. Released on Youtube this past April by Trigger, this 26 minute show deals with a human child that is inspired by a "Cool Witch" named Shiny Chariot. To be honest, I've never heard of this title until the release hit my inbox. But after watching a few minutes worth, I enjoy the art style and the softer colors used. Read the full PR after the break... The details of a viewing contest during Anime Expo are listed there as well!!

Microsoft Puts The Brakes On Xbox One's Contreversial DRM

Well, this is rare. A company listening to the little guy, and Gamestop! The Xbox One will no longer require a network connection every 24 hours, and you can buy and sell used games! On the downside, your digital downloads will not follow you everywhere.

TYLT VU Wireless QI Charger on KickStarter

Tylt is at at again! After successfully funding the Energi Backpack they now turn to the VU. For those that don't know, the VU is a QI based wireless charger. A stylish one at that. It's design will allow you to use your device in either portrait or landscape orientations and still charge. Compared to other more expensive and bulkier wireless chargers Tylt seems to have a winner. Available in four colors, Tylt also has cover plate options for the Samsung Galaxy SIII and Apple iPhone 4/4S. Source: Tylt's VU KickStarter Page

D&D Chronicles Of Mystara Is OUT!!!!!!!!!

One of my favorite Capcom side scrolling beat'em ups is FINALLY out in the US on home consoles! Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara combines D&D Tower of Doom and its sequel, Shadow over Mystara into 1 downloadable game for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3... The Wii U version is incoming. If you live in Japan, you can buy a physical copy of the game in a collector's edition later this year. HINT, there is rarely any region coding on PS3 games. The best part, besides having an affordable copy of the game? 4 Player LOCAL and ONLINE drop in and out support!!! So your friends can come and go as they please, and you can keep playing! Maybe now I can retire my CPS 2 Tower of Doom board? Also, for you PC players, Steam has a deal going on right now! You can buy 4 copies for the price of 3!  You can watch the launch trailer and read Capcom's press release after the jump.

Dark Horse Comics Announces Their 2013 SDCC Exclusives

Dark Horse Comics today released their list of San Diego Comic Con exclusives, which 99% contains pure epic! as for the 1%? It really creeps me out! Take a peak after the jump!

Let It Begin!

Well Geeks, we are less than a month away from the pinnacle of Geekdom, The 2013 San Diego Comic Con! With that said, we will be there in force! And by force, I mean 2 of us!!! Anyways, we have spent the past 2 months preparing. We now own our own video equipment, and have improved our audio sources for this year. This did cost us a bit of cash out of pocket, and I will miss my copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga, but in the long run it seems worth it. Now with E3 over, we should be able to start scheduling events to attend and people to talk to. Also, prepare for a stream of Comic Con press releases leading up to "The Con"!

Hulk and the agents of S.M.A.S.H. Trailer

Greetings Geeks, Here is the trailer for the upcoming animated series  Hulk and the agents of S.M.A.S.H. Am the only one who sees this and thinks "Ugh" ? I admittedly love the Hulk more than the next guy, but this has me severely disappointed.  

Review: Synology DS213j NAS!

We have spent the past couple of weeks playing with Synology's new NAS for the home, the DS213j! How does this offering compare to others on the market? More importantly, how does it compare to my old D-Link DNS-323? Read the full review after the jump!