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Review - Breaking Dawn Part 2

   We all knew it was going to happen. It’s popular. It’s the biggest thing right now. It’s a Breaking Dawn Part 2 review.

Review - Wreck-It Ralph

Greetings Geeks! Disney's latest animated film is Wreck-It Ralph. The tale of a Video Game "Bad Guy" who doesn't want to be a...bad...guy. So how does this latest entry in the Disney stable hold up? Find out my thoughts after the jump.

Review - The Samaritan

The Samaritan is an almost direct to video film starring the always entertaining Samuel L. Jackson. I say almost because it saw an extremely limited release of 3 screens and pulled in roughly $1,744. Then it was off to home video. What did we think of this Jackson driven Crime Drama? Hit the jump to find out.

PSA: Sonic CD now available on Windows Phone.

Well, it's a year late compared to the Android and IOS ports, but nothing can stop Sonic once he starts running... Besides mechanical enemies and rocks!  A faithful port that runs great on my lumia 900. $4.99 will give your phone the gift of Sonic for your Windows Phone 7 or 8 device.

Review - The Amazing Spider-Man

Greetings Geeks, It's a bit late, but in honor of the Blu-Ray release of The Amazing Spider-Man, I present my thoughts on the rebooted franchise. Photonwavezero originally reviewed the film for us and his review pretty much scared me out of watching it theatrically. Now that it has hit Blu-ray, I decided to give it a go and here are my thoughts. Hit the jump for my review.

Big cell phone releases abound! Enter the Lumia 920

Between the big Windows Phone 8 releases last week and the Nexus 4 this week, there will a lot of consumers flocking to stores this holiday season. Not us since we are all locked in contracts, but others will. Over the next few days we will attempt to profile a new mobile device that deserves your money. Up today is the Nokia Lumia 920! Read more after the jump