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Mad Catz Knows How To Throw A Party!

Pictures coming soon, but Mad Catz managed to bring Microsoft to San Diego this year! Including XBOX One Titles Killer Instinct, Crimson Dragon and more. Even better... KI was playable on an IMAX screen! Also, the MOJO was there... It's actually a really similar to the Ouya, except that it uses the Play Store. I got to sit with some of the guys bringing Crimson Dragon to the Xbox One, and these guys KNOW what they are doing! I was told Sega Saturn copies of Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon Zwei are part of the development of the game. Let me say this.... THIS IS A SPIRITUAL SUCCESSOR TO PANZER DRAGOON HANDS DOWN! From the design and gameplay from Panzer 1, 2 and Orta to the dragon evolving similar to what was done in Panzer Dragoon Saga, Microsoft and Groundling can take my money now!

Capcom Announces A Strider HD Reimagining!

It looks amazing. Non-linear gameplay, weapon upgrades, dynamic camera zooming,

2013 San Diego Comic Con Preview Night

2013 marks our fourth Sdcc, and never has preview night been so busy. We are taking plenty of pics and vids to share over the next few days though. As well as some interviews!

Review: Time And Eternity For The PlayStation 3

Time and Eternity, from Namco Bandai/Imageepoch and distributed by NIS America had a lot going for it. Sharp HD hand drawn graphics, a 30-40 hour story, a very anime feel, and a Working Designs-ish script. So what went wrong?