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Happy Pacific Rim Day!

If you happen to see the geekgasm known as Pacific Rim tonight in REALD 3D at a Regal Cinemas tonight, not only do you get to watch an awesome movie, you get this poster by Shoji Kinkawa. Who's that you ask? He's a Konami empolyee known for working on Metal Gear Solid series, Mech Designer for "Godzilla Final Wars", Mech Designer for "The Zone Of The Enders" and Art Director for "Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain!" Needless to say, a great poster from a guy who knows his giant robots and monsters!

What Happens When The Punisher Gets His Own Documentary, But you Take away The Marvel Aspect?

You Get's latest series "The Vigilante Diaries." Currently in the process of crowdfunding more episodes, you can watch Episodes 1 and 2 now. The show stars Jason Mewes of Jay and Silent Bob fame. Mewes plays an obnoxious rich kid who is following "The Vigilante", played by Paul Sloan. Much like Marvel's "The Punisher", Sloan's character extracts painful justice to the evil underworld by any means necessary. Guns, knives, fists, anything and everything. While not "big-budget", the show is not bad at all. It's easy to tell that Christian Sesma, the show's director/writer/creator is a true fan of the genre! I personally enjoyed it myself, and is far, far away from bad. I would love to see where this show will lead to.... Also, while unrated, this show would earn an R or TV-MA rating easily for language, violence, and more, so children need not bother watching. So go ahead and watch Episode 1 for free at YouTube

What Will I Be Wearing At This Years San Diego Comic Con?

A CAPE! Normally, when you pick up your pass at SDCC, you normally get a bag , while neat, is not very sturdy. This year, Warner Brothers is adding a cape into the bags! You will get a bag that is randomly chosen for you with matching cape this year. Shows/capes include "Teen Titans Go w/ Beware the Batman" cape, "Big Bang Theory w/ Bazinga", "Arrow w/ Arrow?", and more. Go on and take a peek!

Disgaea D2 US Release Date Announce!

Laharl, Etna and Flonne return this October on the PS3 in Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness. In a whole new story, Laharl is now an Overlord, but not everyone agrees... Celebrate 10 years of Disgaea and 20 years of Nippon Ichi Software this October 8th!

Synology Announces DSM 4.3 Beta!

At this year's CES we had a chance to play with Synology's, then beta, DSM 4.2 and were blown away. This trend continued when 4.2 shed it's beta status. DSM was quite possibly the best NAS interface I have played with, and now 4.3 has been announced! Besides already improving what was already great, Synology is adding Roku TV support within Media Station, Photo Station is upgraded to V6, new Android and IOS apps, New Windows Phone apps giving most features of the Android and IOS apps, TRIM support (!!!), and more! Beta testers also have a chance to win a DS213j, which despite it's size, is an AWESOME home solution, which you can see what we thought of it here . You can read the full Press Release after the break

The World's End At The San Diego Comic Con!

Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost bring the finale of "The Cornetto Trilogy" to Comic Con! On Thursday, July 18th at 1pm, there will be a fan crawl starting at The Commons SD.  Everyone can join in, but 12 winners get a chance to attend an invite-only The World's End Comic Con party that night! Friday there will be a panel at 10am with the trio talking about the movie. Also that Friday, 100 lucky people who collect 12 trading cards on the streets of San Diego will be able to catch a screening of The World's End"! For now you can watch these 2 new featurettes! "The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy" "Director at Work" More about "The World's End" at the official website: