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Finally! SSX Gets True Multiplayer

Video All But Confirms SSX is Getting Head-to-Head Multiplayer—Six Months After Release [Video]

One Week With The Google Nexus 7!

We have had a week to play with a Nexus 7, well four actually, and WOW. Google and Asus have worked miracles with this thing. It's not 100% perfect, but it is one of the best Android based tablets out! Read our impressions after the jump!

We Interview Adam Huss Of Femme Fatales!

Yes' we are running a bit behind on these, sorry. Here we have Adam Huss, the luckiest guy on TV right now! Watch the interview after the jump!

Review - The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy comes to a close in The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan continues to do what he does best in the third and final installment of this why does it feel so...meh? I can’t talk about why I didn’t LOVE it without getting into spoiler territory so be forewarned. Here there be SPOILERS! Read my thoughts on this epic film after the jump.

Persona 4 The Animation Blu-Ray Gets A Price Cut And Looses Features!

Sentai Filmworks just sent out some good news for dub fans, but bad news for sub fans! Persona 4 The Animation Collection 1 on Blu-Ray will retail for $10 less at $59.98, but at the same time will no longer carry the Japanese audio tracks! My opinion, which was later confirmed, is that due to the US and Japan sharing the same Blu-Ray region code (region A) that this is an effort by the studio to prevent reverse importation. Reverse importation, in this situation for those that do not know, is when people in Japan order the US version of the anime to save a TON on the cost. So, for example, Disc 1 in Japan has 1 episode and a bonus CD retails for about $50 US dollars. Disc 2 with 3 episodes retails for close to $100! So I do understand the reasoning, but I prefer Subtitles vs dubs. The DVD's will not be affected due to the fact that the US and Japan are in different DVD regions, even though DVD region protection is easy to break. Read the full PR after the jump!

Google Wallet gets a major update

Greetings Geeks, Google Wallet users can rejoice a little today. For today with the latest version of the mobile payment system, you'll be able to use any credit or debit card you wish, and take them with you from one device to the next. Data and security are now all in the cloud, allowing you to sync your preferred payment method across multiple devices and keep track of both your online and in-store purchase's through Google's web Wallet. Perhaps most importantly though, Google has upped the security ante, by allowing you to disable individual devices remotely. Check out the video in the source link below. Source:  Engadget

Raspberry Pi gets Ice Cream Sandwich

Raspberry Pi has a myriad of devoted developers working on different projects utilizing the little pastry named PC, and the latest news is that it's got Android running on the little devil.

Mechs Are Finally Real!

Japanese engineers hasten humanity's extinction, unveil fully-armed four-ton robot [video] Send by Fuse