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Dawn Of A New Console Generation

In 2 days and 4 days we will have 2 worldwide launches that will start off the next generation while the current generation will begin to fade. Or will they? For the 1st time, both major consoles will support the previous console's games on day one. Almost every current gen game will be supported on next gen consoles. In the case of the Xbox series X/S, games from the previous 3 generations will be playable. Sure not every single one, but a lot for sure. This will also be the 1st time where we have 2 versions of each console. Sony ditching the BD drive on 1 Ps5 model and Microsoft dropping a lower specced Xbox, also without a BD drive. While I am not a fan of all digital systems, for some the cost and shelf space savings can mean a lot. Granted, storage space is not an issue. Unlike the current generation of console, next gen systems will not let you use standard USB storage for next gen games. Sony will let you use properly specced PCIe 4.0 M.2 Nvme drives, once enabled in firmwar