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Ain't it Cool News Has A Nice Macross Happy Anniversary Page Up!

For some of us, anime started in the 90's. For others, myself included, it began with what was known as ROBOTECH, a series based off of 3 Japanese series with the first arc known as MACROSS! I lost count of how many times I've missed the school bus watching this every morning! As we celebrate Macross' 30th, Ain't it Cool News posted a nice story containing all the intros to the various Macross anime titles. I enjoyed them all, even the fan hated Macross II: Lovers Again! Ain't It Cool News' Macross 30th Anniversary Story

Micro Review: Darksiders II Death's Door Comic

We recently had a chance to read through Dark Horse's "Darksiders II Death's Door Vol 1," a collection of the Darksiders II Digital Comics issues #0-#5. Read on to see what we thought!

Road Geek - Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, D.C. Greetings Geeks, In the latest episode of ROAD GEEK, The Geek Guru is on the road and has stopped in Washington, D.C. He's bringing you geeky hotspots from around the country. Hit the jump for this episode and a list of great places!

MicroReview: Horn for Android

As Horn, you just happen to wake up one day, not knowing how you got there, and everything seems to be in ruin. You find a horn,a mysterious crystal and a rusted sword before venturing outside... That is the first moments in Phosphor Game's Horn. Read more after the jump!

A New Neo Geo MVS Game Coming Out!

NG:Dev.Team is at it again! The dev known for releasing some beautiful games on both the long dead Dreamcast and Neo Geo platforms is back with NEO XYX! Containing what they say is the first true vertical scrolling shooter on the Neo Geo, it  sports hand drawn graphics, a digital soundtrack, and a custom PCB that allows updates via USB!!! We have 2 MVS units in house, but the game is a bit out of our price range! Watch the trailer after the jump!

PSP Comic Store Closing!

If you still use your PSP to access the Comic Store, your time is almost up. You will no longer be able to purchase titles after October 30th and your downloads will ONLY be available until January 2013! It's time to snap up a cheap MS Pro Duo or fire up Sony's mediocre Media Go app and back up your stuff!