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Ultimate Delivery Vehicle

Pizza and geek, two things that have lived in a symbiotic relationship, since... well, forever (I think); which is why this is for you!  If you read this blog, it's safe to assume you are a geek.  And if you are a geek, it's safe to assume you like pizza.  And if you like pizza, it's safe to assume you probably like Domino's.  And how many times has Domino's delivered to your dorm/apartment/lab/parent's basement?  At least 37 million times, right?  Right... So how can you, as a geek, give back to Domino's?  Simple, check out their Ultimate Delivery Vehicle challenge, the chance to design the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle.  Time to whip out those bamboo boards and whip up some magic in Auto CAD or whatever else you're running.  You need to hurry though, the contest ends September 23rd!  If you or somepony you know love's Domino's and just happens to be geeky enough to also happen to like industrial design, then here is your opportunity! Ultimate

Horn Finally Available For Android!

IOS users have had the chance to play Horn for a little bit and now Android users can jump in! This wonderful looking, Tegra 2/3 optimized game is now available for $6.99! Just realize this game does want 1.81GB of your device's precious space! We should have a review of it soonish, after we catch up on a few other game reviews! Read more after the jump!

New Pony on Deck

From out of nowhere, screaming through the underbrush like some mad python in the jungle comes... well... not a snake.  No, it's just me, Fesoferbex, your new Brony pal to lead you through the delightful geekdom that is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  I was discovered somewhere north of San Diego moping about in a Chick-Fil-A lamenting my lack of Comic Con tickets (at least it was a delicious moping).  But nopony can stay sad for long with Season 3 just around the corner.  Look forward to more updates as I give you blow by blow coverage of Season 3, the toys, the cons, the music and generally whatever else I can get my hooves on.  Until next time! Brohoof /)*(\  -Image Copyright John Joseco (Check him out on deviant art if you get a chance)

We Feel Old! Street Fighter Turns 25!

Well well, today is the 25th anniversary of the release of Street Fighter. August 30th 1987 is the day Capcom learned to take our money consistently for years to come. So, break out your emulator, PSP, or tg-16 copy of Fighting Street and have at it!

Playstation Vita Update 1.80 Is Now Up! Play PSONE Games!

So far sony is only mentioning 9 games available today, with more made weekly. Unfortunatly my Vita needs a charge and the charger is 64 miles away! UPDATE: Besides the pathetic 9 games SCEA will allow you to download, if you have a PS3 you have access to WAY more. Just download the game on your PS3 and DO NOT INSTALL IT. Plug in your Vita, go through content management and viola! Not all games will work, but a lot do. Also, I noticed "Playstation Mobile" in the content manager....hmmmm Source: Playstation Blog

SNES Style Music Composer Releases An Album With An AWESOME Case!

Now how cool is this? William Cage, an SNES style composer is releasing his newest album in a sealed SNES box with cart (non working), manual, world map, and the actual CD! The best part? It sounds like SNES era Squaresoft music. I want one NOW! Source: Kotaku  and William Kage

Raspberry Pi lands MPEG-2 and VC-1 decoding

Greetings Geeks, Great news! Making the Raspberry Pi affordable involved some tough calls, including the omission of MPEG-2 decoding. Licensing fees alone for the video software would have boosted the board's price by approximately 10 percent. Now, after many have made media centers with the hardware, the foundation behind the project has whipped up a solution to add the missing codec. For $3.79, users can purchase an individual MPEG-2 license for each of their boards on the organization's online store. Partial to Microsoft's VC-1 standard? Rights to using Redmond's codec can be purchased for just under two bucks. H.264 encoding is also in the cards since OpenMax components needed to develop applications with the functionality are now enabled by default in the device's latest firmware. With CEC support thrown into the Raspbmc, XBian and OpenELEC operating systems, a single IR remote can control a Raspberry Pi, a TV and other connected gadgets. If you're read