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Vanguard Princess Now Available on Onlive!

What started off as a homebrew fighter made by ONE guy in 2009 and has caught steam ever since is now available on the OnLive service thanks to eigoMANGA! What this means is that not only can you play it on a PC, but any platform the OnLive service runs on.... Including Android! For those that don't have great internet service, you can also purchase the game on Amazon for $5 !!

First New "Mars Attacks" Cards in Half a Century!

Like many others, the Tim Burton movie was my first look at these Martians. Well, Topps is bringing these perpetually smiling invaders back in an ALL NEW series of collector cards! Just waiting for them to appear on Amazon to place in my wish list! Full PR after the break!

Yes, it's been a bit slow...

It's been a bit slow, as real life smacks us again! Hopefully in the coming week or 2 we'll begin to catch up! Please be patient....