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We Interviewed Amanda K At The LVL UP Expo In Las Vegas!

What's this? Two video updates in 1 week?!? Amanda K is relatively new to the pro cosplay ciruit, having only done it as a pro for 7 months now! She fooled us! She was easy going and just fun to chat with. She can be found at:

Double Dragon NEON Now Availavle On Steam!

Totally missed this in my inbox yesterday, but Double Dragon Neon, the retro reboot of the classic franchise has just landed on STEAM with full STEAM integration! Now, can we have Rage of the Dragons Midnight City/Majesco? For those that don't know, Rage of the Dragons was a great Double Dragon Fighter released on the Neo-Geo years ago! Read the full PR after the break

We Interviewed Constantine In Tokyo At The LVL UP Expo!

While at the LVL UP Expo in Las Vegas, we caught up and had a chat with cosplayer Constantine in Tokyo, who was dressed as Princess Hilda from The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. She had a great attitude and handed out CANDY! We had a blast! As a bonus, we found a Link cosplayer too! If anyone knows who she is, let us know so we may credit her as well! You can find more of Constantine in Tokyo at:

Strider Has A Release Date!!!!

Capcom just confirmed Strider's released, and it's THIS MONTH! On February 18, $14.99 will get you the digital download on the PS3 and PS4. On the very next day, the 19th, you can grab it on the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Steam! You can read the short press release after the break

The Witch And The Hundred Knight Gets A New Trailer!

NIS America has released a new trailer for The Witch And The Hundred Knight today! Remember, the game lands on March 25 in the US! Read up on the game and watch the trailer after the break!

So, While Denver Was Being Humiliated, We Got Some Interesting Trailers!

We'll just start up for the next heavily anticipated movie.... Captain America: The Winter Soldier! More after the break!