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Macross 30th Anniversary Game Teased At TGS!!!!!

All other news now invalid! Bandai Namco just teased a new Macross game for next year!!! No idea what system yet, but my money is either the PS3 and Wii U... More after the jump!!!!

I'm going on The Menagerie of Kick-Assery radio show tomorrow!

Greetings Geeks! So tomorrow night (9.23.12) I'm going on the + Menagerie Kick-Assery radio show. We will be discussing the DC Universe reboot, The New 52. Tune in to Sunday at 8 p.m. EST. In fact, you should be checking these guys out anyway. They are very entertaining. I'm tuning in every week.

Xbox Live Beta testing!

Greetings all! I was eager to see a tweet from Major Nelson, an Xbox representative, regarding the opening of the new Xbox live public beta test. The first few moments of testing have been quite enjoyable thus far! There are some great improvements to the user interface as well as some additional apps and options. Check out the jump for more details and screens!

Peter Jackson wants to direct an episode of Doctor Who. Make it happen, Moffat! [Doctor Who]

We are not big on posting rumors here in the Grotto but I can't help myself. PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN! Peter Jackson wants to direct an episode of Doctor Who. Make it happen, Moffat! [Doctor Who] : DREAM TEAM! Can you imagine a New Zealand-set Doctor Who lensed by the amazing Peter Jackson? Well, you never know — it just might happen. More »

The Menagerie of Kick-Assery: MOKAsst 074

The Menagerie of Kick-Assery: MOKAsst 074 : 1982 was a good year. A very good year, indeed. Join MOKA as we discuss the year the brought us Wrath of Khan, First Blood, E.T., Tron and more!

Happy iPhone 5 Day... If You Care....

Well, the 6th generation of the iPhone, the iPhone 5, was released today. Apple fans are excited, everyone else isn't... What do you guys think? I for one think it needs some features that other phones are going on having for the past year. NFC is getting bigger and bigger. HD video, ON A 720P SCREEN OR HIGHER, is on the rise, and would it kill apple to give us a STANDARD micro USB port? You can do a lot if you add MHL to the mix.. We'll stick to our Android or Windows Phone 7 devices, that most of the staff here owns. Not sure  if everyone here does, but I know most of us are not Apple fans...

The Las Vegas Comic Expo

Greetings Geeks! It's official, we are covering the Las Vegas Comic Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada! We'll be sure to bring you all the coverage we can. The Geeky Guru will be there. And possibly a few other Grotto inhabitants. With great guests like Simon Bisley, Eric Basaldua, Tim Bradstreet, J. Scott Campbell, Tricia Helfer, Thomas Jane, Adam Hughes and SO MANY MORE, it's sure to be a blast! If you are in Vegas next weekend, be sure to check it out! Come say "Hi" to us and we may just give you something special. If you ask real nice. ;-) Las Vegas Comic Expo Riviera Casino & Hotel 2901 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV Sept 29, 2012 (Sat) 10am-7pm Sept 30, 2012 (Sun) 10am-5pm

Tokyo Game Show News

Well, some real life events have had me preoccupied. Since I have a few minutes, I can pass along some news! As you may or may not know, the Tokyo Game Show is going on... Think of it as E3 for the Japanese Market... mostly! There were quite a few surprises as well as some that were rumored before hand.. Let's see what the Land of the Rising Sun is showing off!

Review: Darksiders II (PS3)

It appears that the seal has been broken, signalling the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to ride and the beginning of Armageddon.... Except that it wasn't and War has doomed all of humanity. Death now rides to clear War's name and restore humanity in the sequel to 2010's Darksiders. How does this game stack up to the original? Read the full review after the jump!

The Menagerie of Kick-Assery 073

Greetings Geeks! Just wanted to turn you all on to The Menagerie of Kick-Assery! Just a great group of guys with a radio podcast.  Gene Green (CoolsvilleUSA), That_Urban_Punk (Android Massacre), and comic scribe Troy-Jeffrey Allen (Bamn, Boogie Monster) host this show filled with great geek-centric content. Make sure to check them out! I'm including the embed of their latest episode here. The Geeky Guru just also happens to have interviewed them for an upcoming episode of Road Geek so be sure to check in later for that! In the meantime, enjoy the latest episode of The MOKA

ROAD GEEK - Wilmington, NC

WILMINGTON, NC Greetings Geeks, In the latest episode of ROAD GEEK, The Geek Guru is on the road and has stopped in Wilmington, NC. He's bringing you geeky hotspots from around the country. Hit the jump for this episode and a list of great places!