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Neil Armstrong passes away

It's a sad today as the first man to walk on the moon has passed away from complications from heart surgery weeks earlier. His accomplishments paved the way for space exploration as well as science, tech, and sci-fi. Source: NBC

Dead Or Alive 5 Now With More Helena And Lisa!

Tecmo Kei just shot off a few new shots from DOA 5 as well as 2 videos! Watch them after the jump!

Alpine's 8" INE-Z928HD is Shipping!

It's been 8 month's since I last got a chance to play with Alpine's flagship INE-Z928HD and I can say it's one hell of a Head Unit! Trust me, the $1,499.95 is worth it!  Read the full PR after the jump!

Mugen Souls US Release Date Change!

NIS America Has just announced that Mugen Souls for the PS3 will now be released on October 16th. My issue is the between finding time to finish Disgaea on the Vita, and the just released Legasista on PSN, where would I have time to try Mugen Souls?! But yeah, I still want to try. Read the PR after the jump!

Sony Closes Liverpool Studio!

Tis a sad day as Sony has decided to close Liverpool Studio, the studio responsible for the WipEout series from day one. For those as old as I am (not that old!!!), you may remember the studio by it's pre-Sony name, Psygnosis. This dev brought some great classics like AWESOME and Shadow of the Beast to the Amiga Computer as well as several console ports of these games. They will be missed...

Review - Kill Hannah

 Kill Hannah, no, NO I DIDN'T MEAN IT LIKE THAT! I was just talking about the band Kill Hannah, geez....

Tony Scott has passed.

This is a sad day for cinema folks. Epic director Tony Scott has taken his own life by leaping from a bridge in Los Angeles. The director of Top Gun, The Hunger and so MANY MORE films will be missed. A true father of pop culture.


TAMPA, FL Greetings Geeks, The Geek Guru is on the road and has stopped in Tampa, FL. He's bringing you geeky hotspots from around the country. Hit the jump for the video and a list from Tampa!

Google Play Gift Cards found at retail.

Greetings Geeks! This makes me happy. Google Play's giftcards were spotted at some Target stores recently. Why does this make me happy? Besides the fact that I am a known "Google Whore"? Because it makes buying stocking stuffers for my Android brethren that much easier! Source: Droid Life