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Synology Announces the DS418 Play

As 2017 slowly comes to an end, that means it's time for new models and versions of everything for 2018. Synology isn't an exception as they just released their 4-bay DS418play. The "Play" line normally is a media-centric line that can handle real time transcoding for things like plex and the built in Video Station. The big selling point on this NAS is the fact that you can stream 2 different channels of video in both h.264 and h.265 up to 4K! As 4k video can eat storage for breakfast, we are given 4 drive slots for the HDD of your choosing. Pricing should be available real soon. Until then, read over the press release.

The 2017 Tokyo Game Show In Pictures

So, in a strange turn of events, we managed to be in Tokyo and attend this year's Tokyo Game Show! While most outlets have covered the show to death already, and our lack of Japanese hurt any possible interviews, we plan to share the pictures we took while at the show. Hope you enjoy!