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Review - Shinedown

Just like a crow chasing the butterfly. Oh hello. Sorry I was just singing my favorite song by Shinedown, a band from Jacksonville, Florida. (Whoo, Florida!)

Review: Powerbag Backpack Designed By FUL

Just in time for Comic Con, the guys at Powerbag sent us the 3000mAh Backpack by FUL! So of course we put it through it's paces at the Con.... and we were VERY happy! Go on to our FUL review (Get it? FUL!)

Colorado Theater Shooting

Greetings Geeks, By now everyone has heard about the horrible tragedy that struck a Movie Theater in Aurora, Colorado. I lone gunman entered a screening of The Dark Knight Rises and opened fire. We here at the Grotto extend our sincere condolences to the victims of this horrible incident.

Yi Soon Shin

Greetings Geeks, Every year San Diego Comic Con plays host to a slew of new comic books and their creators. One of these book is Yi Soon Shin. Hit the jump for a peek into an epic story of war!

We Interview Catherine Annette From Femmes Fatales!

Today, as we sort through all this wonderful Comic Con footage, we bring you an interview with the lovely Catherine Annette of Conemax's Femme Fatales! Watch it after the jump!

We Interview Madison Dylan From Femme Fatales!

Not only was Madison super bubbly and fun to interview, she was also in cosplay! This young Femme Fatale was dressed up as X-Men's Dazzler! Watch her interview after the jump!

The Geeky Guru Interviews Cosplayers At Comic Con!!

The Geeky Guru took some time out of his busy day to interview a few cosplayers while in San Diego.

Comic-Con has ended

Greeting Geeks, As you know, San Diego Comic Con has ended and we are exhausted! We will have a slew of stuff for you to check out in the coming days. (remember, we are a small crew so please be patient) Read more on our upcoming stories after the jump.