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It's Friday The 13th, So Jason Voorhees Returns to Do What He Does Best!

Well, it's official, the Crystal Lake Slasher and nightmare of all teens by a lake at night, Jason Voorhees, will make his video game return doing what he does best. Brutally killing all in sight! Today it was announced that Jason will be joining the Mortal Kombat X cast. How appropriate for the announcement to be made on Friday the 13th! On the downside, last gen players will have to suffer with a delay. Source: Shoryuken

Synology's DSM 5.2 Beta Now Available!

As the title didn't give it away, Synology has released the latest beta for its DiskStation Manager this morning. DSM 5.2 hits public beta with new features like AppArmor, SMB 3 Encryption, Docker integration and more! We personally haven't had issues with previous beta releases and can't wait to try this out! Read the full press release after the break

Mad Catz And Capcom Announce Street Fighter V Controllers!

Last week Mad Catz announced it's coming back with Rock Band instruments, and this week we are going back to the streets! Mad Catz announced this morning that they will be bringing Street Fighter V FighSticks and FightPads to the PS4 as well as being a Premiere Sponsor for the Capcom Pro Tour! Now, with Street Fighter V speculated to drop Spring 2016, that's a long wait for both SFV and these controllers! Read the full press release after the break