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Acctil Announces A New Game For The PlayStation 3 And 4 Via KickStarter?!

Acttil has announced that REBORN, a title being worked on with Elemental-Labs, will be up on KickStarter on September 22nd! Described as a real-time, weapons based RPG, REBORN is Elemental-Labs first game. Built on the Unreal Engine and under construction for the past 9 months. You can read the full press release after the break

Mighty No. 9 Now Taking PayPal As Well!

Payment may not count toward limited items, but it will be added to the stretch goals. This means that if you are in a country that doesn't work for PayPal, you can now help fund Mighty No. 9! So, now EVERYONE can get in on the action! Source: Mighty No. 9 PayPal Page

The Sole Reason I'd Pick Up An Xbox One At Launch Over The PS4

After seeing all the launch titles for both the Xbox One and PS4, there is only 1 exclusive that tipped the scales for me. Crimson Dragon! Played this at SDCC and well, It's Panzer Dragoon in every way minus the title! Think about it. It has Dragons, Multi Lock Targeting, and made by the guys that worked on the Panzer games!

A New Gravity Rush Game Is Coming!

Sony just showed a teaser of a new game from Team Gravity, the guys behind Gravity Rush (Gravity Daze in Japan). If you haven't played Gravity Rush (Daze) on the Vita yet, then....then....then.... Well, you should!

The Day Mario, Luigi, Bowser And All Other Nintendo Characters Wept

Hiroshi Yamauchi may be a name not familiar with many gamers, much less Nintendo gamers, but he should be. Mr, Yamauchi took the reigns of Nintendo in 1949 and was the key for Nintendo to become what it is today. As the "Man in charge" for 53 years, he took Nintendo from a playing card company and oversaw the creation of the Famicom. From that time until the Gamecube and everything in between, he MADE Nintendo one of the largest game companies worldwide. Even at one time he was the richest man in Japan! So, after 85 years, he has to finally take his break, and the gaming world losses a visionary. Our condolences to his family, both related and extended.

Bayonetta Gets Her Own Anime Title, Bayonetta: Bloody Fate!

Bayonetta will hit the big screen in Japan for a limited 2 week run at 10 theaters starting on November 23rd. Considering I LOVED the first game, I am dying to see this. Hopefully we'll get a domestic release in the US! Source: Crunchyroll

Animeplex Announces Simulcasts For Three Upcoming Fall Shows!

Aniplex has announced that Kill La Kill, Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic and VALVRAVE: The Liberator's 2nd season will be simulcast online this fall! For the anime fan, this is great as you do not have to wait months or years to watch a legit version of a cool anime series! Read the full PR after the break!

NVIDIA Reveals The Tegra Note!

Now this is the tablet I have been waiting for. NVIDIA has unveiled the Tegra Note platform for OEMs. What does this mean for you? That means that NVIDIA will not be selling them directly, like their video cards, but through OEMs like EVGA, ASUS, and others. Luckily, according to the press release, NVIDIA will be handling firmware releases directly. so everyone will be up to date regardless of who you bought it from! Full press release is after the break!

Sega Is Buying Index, And Thus Atlus?

Kotaku, via Nikkei, is reporting that Sega is planning on dropping $141 million US to buy Index. We aren't sure what a Sega owned Index would mean for the IP's involved yet. Would Index continue operating the way they are now, or will Sega swallow the company whole? Source: Kotaku

With 14 Days To Go, Mighty No. 9 Jumps On The PS3, Xbox 360 And Wii U!

Well, with 14 days left on KickStarter, we now get a console port for Mighty No. 9!!! So now PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U players can share in the fun with PC, Mac and Linux players! Remember, your $20 minimum to receive the game lets you choose amongst all the current versions! Last console milestone is $3.3 million for PS4 and Xbox One versions!!! Source: KickStarter

Killer Is Dead And Deadly Premonition Now Available On Xbox Games On Demand!

Need to get your horror or violent game fix before Halloween? XSEED has heard you and now you can download both Deadly Premonition and Killer Is Dead on Xbox Games on Demand. With the next gen around the corner, if you are not planning on keeping your Xbox 360, and you should for the current games are still great, then you should definitely jump on this before you do. Read the PR after the break!

Help Kickstart Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

With the commotion over Might No. 9, I sorta missed this one. WayForward, they studio behind Ducktales: Remastered,  Contra 4 and others is trying to bring back Shantae for another all original title. If the $400k goal is met, we will get this game for the Wii U,  PS3, PS4, Vita/Vita TV, Xbox 360,  Xbox One and Steam! So your donation will net you what looks like a great game on just about any platform you can think of that is still actively developed for! So, open your wallets!