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God of War Ascension live action trailer

Looks great.

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus Vita Intro

The intro for the Vita entry of the so-far Japan only Senran Kagura series gets released at the end of the month.... With that said, watch the almost NSFW trailler after the jump

Windows Pro Upgrade now full price

Well, the promotional period is over. Windows 8 is no longer $40 for a digital download/upgrade, but $199 for the pro edition. Not sure of all the hate, besides the fact that my PC boots in under 20 seconds vs the 5 minutes on 7 after upgrading, its running great.

New Injustice trailer gives us a bit of story!

  The latest Injustice trailer is out and finally we get some backstory! The Justice League isn't the Superfriends of long ago. A darker, grittier version than most are accustomed to, they don't seem to hold back! This trailer makes me want the game even more! Also, hit your favorite Comic store today as the Comic series leading up to the game drops today! Watch it after the jump!!!

AT&T confirms they will carry the new Blackberry line

The company formally called RIM is now just Blackberry. With that they announced their new BBOS 10 line including Z10 (shown) and Q10 Querty. With that Said, AT&T confirmed they will carry these soon-ish. Question is, are people really excited for this?

Cartoon Network cancels fan favorites...again.

Well, first Cartoon Network doesn't renew the Thunder cats reboot, which was a great show, and now they do the same again. Young Justice and Green Lantern TAS are not on the networks fall schedule. Not quite sure who makes the choices over at Carton Network, but they need to find a new job. The Green Lantern wasn't a fave of mine, but Young Justice has been getting darker and is a perfect candidate for Adult Swim. Especially compared to some of the garbage on it now.

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories now available on PSN!

I can't believe I missed this! Last week NIS America releaed Disgaea 2 as a PS2 classic for the PlayStation 3 on PSN. Originally released in 2006, the game was an instant hit for fans of Japanese Strategy RPG fans. Now relive those memories for $9.99, an excellent price for the amount of time you will spend on this title! After the jump are some shots to remind you why you should buy this game!!!

Vigil may still spiritually exist in Crytek's new US studio!

Yes, I am still hoping someone picks up Darksiders from the burning ashes of THQ, then this story pops up on Gamasutra. Former GM and co-owner of Vigil, David Adams, will be CEO of Crytek's new Austin studio. When asked if this was a purchase of Vigil, Crytek responded that it's a new beginning... Gamasutra is waiting for an answer for the "new beginning" comment, but for now you can read the full article below.

Gamestop has stopped Pre-Orders for Fire Emblem : Awakening for the Nintendo 3DS

Gamestop  has ceased all pre-orders for the upcoming  Nintendo 3DS game, Fire Emblem : Awakening. This apparently had been done rather quietly, as the game SKU simply ‘vanished’ from the retailer’s computer system. While Gamestop at the time gave no official statement in regards to the matter, an email had been sent out to store managers stating for them to pull all ‘in stock’ and ‘available’ placards or materials in regards to the game, which would be used after the game is released on 02/04/2013.