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Godzilla (2014) Micro Review

I am going to keep this as short and spoiler free as possible. If you are a fan of the originals, not the quirky ones, but the original and most recent, then you will be at home. While Godzilla tends to be the centerpiece of the movie, he isn't the star. Like the original, it's more about what humanity plans to do rather than Godzilla being bad ass.... Read more

On June 17th, Battle Princess of Arcadias Can Be Yours!

It seems as if my birth month, a month long holiday celebrating the greatest day ever, will be full for JRPGs! NIS America has announced that Battle Princess of Arcadias will be released as a PSN exclusive next month! If you don't know much about the game, here is a refresher from NIS: The kingdom of Schwert was once peaceful and beautiful. But now it's been overrun by monsters, and as the Battle Princess Plume, it's up to you to set things right in this colorful, high-speed action RPG! Recruit a group of warriors and engage in skirmishes against the enemy before taking on huge and powerful bosses in epic siege battles!  You'll also get to delight in an extensive upgrade system. As you stomp the enemy into the ground throughout each level, you'll collect weapons and materials that you can use to enhance your gear. You'll be able to unlock new skills based on your weapon and its level, and with enough time and effort, you

Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist Of Arland Launches June 24th!

This is something that doesn't happen too often. Atelier Rorona, yes, the PS3 game from 2010, is getting an updated re-release for the PlayStation 3 AND PlayStation Vita on June 24th. Not sure what everyone else thinks, but the Vita seems to becoming more and more the JRPG console to get! Read the full press release after the break

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Reminds Me Of Another Game....

And that would be a kiddy-fied Panzer Dragoon as a racer? Yeah, I'll take it.