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Attack On Titan Will Hit Toonami In May!

While people know I am NOT a huge Cartoon Network fan due to cancellations/non-renewals of great shows, while placing crap shows in their place. The Toonami block is a different story. Full of some great anime titles and other shows that truly fit the vibe has been growing back into my good graces.  Next month, Cartoon Network earns MAJOR brownie points by airing Attack on Titan. Having already watched AoT, I am left to wonder if the violence/gore will be  left in place or edited, but either way, it's a GREAT show! Rad the full PR at Funimation's site

Third X-MEN: Days Of Future Past Trailer

Two things about this trailer. Led Zeppelin makes trailers better and I hope this movie turns out as awesome as the trailers make it look.