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Archos releases its media player for all Android Devices!

My Android adventure began with the Archos A101 Gen 8 and then moved quickly to the Acer Iconia A500 to a Nexus 7. The one thing the Archos did better than the 2 more powerful devices was media playback. My Archos would struggle with apps, games, etc. Play a movie though and it was GREAT! Archos has now released that wonderful media player for $4.99 in the PLAY Store. Folks, it's worth it! all my other media players have been uninstalled since the Archos Media Player is just that good! Tried a few 1080p titles and it blew through them like a hot knife through butter. Best of all? All of the features are there. Downloading of addition info, subtitle support, codec support, and more! Buy it now: Archos Media Player on the Play Store

Watch Mega Man X beat someone!

Just saw this and WOW, I want another Mega Man X game that plays like X1-X4! Source: Youtube

Happy Holidays

Well....since the world didn't end I guess it's time to start sending these out! From our families to yours, may you all enjoy your holidays! PS: Santa.... where's my Wii U? PS Part Duex: Yes, there will be some posting during the rest of the year... and next up is CES!

Michael Caine plays a butler in the Dark Knight Trilogy, but...

As you can see above.... HE MADE UP ALFRED's HISTORY for the trilogy! How awesome is that? Source: Spinnoff Online

New info on Dead Or Alive 5+

On March 19th, Vita owners get their DOA5 on! New features announced by Tecmo Koei include: A touch mode where you flip your Vita horizontally and fight in a 1st person mode! A Training Plus Mode A TON more frame data info.... useful for the tournament crowd! Cross-play with the PS# version of the game!!!!! Now I regret buying the XBOX 360 version of the game!!!! :( Read the full PR and some screenshots after the jump!

Mad Catz ships the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Fightstick!

I remember long ago, when Mad Catz was just starting out, releasing generic controllers, cables and more. Nothing that really stood out. Boy have times changed! Mad Catz' Fightstick line is among the best out-of-box joysticks money can buy and now they are releasing their Tekken Tag Tournament 2 variant for the XBOX 360, PS3 AND Wii U! Read the Full PR after the jump!

Nintendo Download Highlights for Dec 20, 2012

Well, this week's eShop releases seems to be led by 1999's Wario Land 2 and escapeVektor for the 3DS. Take a peak after the jump to see what else Nintendo  released this week!

Wii U's TVii service up and running December 20th!

Since we here at the Grotto do not have a Wii U yet, I'll just post Nintendo's press release after the jump!

Capcom finally releases a Windows Phone game!

Unfortunately it's a Sudoku clone called Ken Ken! Really Capcom? You sit on the Android version of SF4 for almost a year and now this? Not everyone wants an iDevice. Sent from my Windows Phone

Street Fighter X Mega Man Soundtrack now available!

The free surprise game from Capcom get a "Name Your Price" soundtrack download! So you can pay nothing, or $1 Million! The choice is yours! Download the soundtrack now at Capcom-Unity !

Hard Romanticker gets a US relese date!

Japanese violent gangster movies are kind of a guilty pleasure for me and Artsploitation Films will be releasing Hard Romanticker this January on DVD and VOD. Read the PR after the jump!

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory announced for the PS3!

NIS America continues releasing great special editions on their website, and this is no exception! Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory is defiantly a Working Designs quality SE that includes the following: • Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory game for PlayStation 3 • Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory original soundtrack • Online Store exclusive: Hardcover 36-page art book • Online Store exclusive: Small Time Capsule Tin • Online Store exclusive: Large Time Capsule Tin containing all the items listed above With a March 12th release date at $65, there must be something wrong with you if you do not want to buy this set! Pre-Order NOW

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers US release Date Announced!

Soul Hackers finally gets a US release date and Atlus also provided a trailer for the 3DS based game! Read the PR and watch the trailer!

Happy Holidays from Capcom!

Look at what was waiting in our inbox from Capcom!

Street Fighter X Mega Man now available!

A fan project that blossomed into something blessed by Capcom is now available for PC! For the price of NOTHING, you can now playas Mega Man as he fights through a bunch of 8 bit stages to fight Capcom's greatest fighters. At 33MB, it's a sure thing, so download now. No DRM or sign up required. Sent from my Windows Phone