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Leaked Godzilla Teaser!

Not sure how long this will be up for, as takedown notices have ben handed left and right,  but it's AWESOME looking! And like that, it's been taken down. Considering this is what SDCC attendees saw during the presentation, I don't see why they are taking it down everywhere. Source: The Verge

Valve's Steam Machine Beta Specs Are Impressive!

Valve has let loose the specs for the beta Steam Machines and WOW! We are talking mix specked units, from i3 to i7 CPUs and Nvidia TITAN to GTX660 GPUs. These will run the gamut of the current mid to high end PCs and will give Valve and users a better understanding on what you will need to play your PC games in the livingroom! Remember, only 300 beta testers have a shot at these.... and we are hoping we get one. Read the FULL PR after the break

Mighty No. 9 Hit EVERY Stretch Goal With Minutes To Spare!

Well, in the year 2015, Mighty No. 9 will save humanity from 8+ other Mighty Numbered Robots! As you can see, we get the game on PC, Mac, Linux, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, Vita and 3DS! So top it off, Call gets her own stage and boss and MUCH MUCH MORE! Since Keiji Inafune is still looking towards all supporters for input, this will be a group effort with around 70,000+ supporters on board, including us! First up, picking a final Call design and the wait for the Mighty Forums to go live! Source: KickStarter Mighty No. 9 Page

The October 1st Nintendo Direct Video, Direct To You!

GoPro Announces The Hero 3+

GoPro, the goto cam for extreme sports nuts and people that want a tiny HD cam, has announce that the Hero 3+ is available now! What makes this cam worth the "+"? How about the fact that it's 20% smaller and lasts 30% longer than the Hero 3! Read the full PR after the break

Less Than 23 Hours Left On Mighty No 9's KickStarter!

With the KickStarter campaign almost over, Mighty No 9 is now set to be released on all home TV based consoles as well as PC, Linux and Mac. With that said, we are SO close to having a 3DS and Vita version as well as Call having her own stage and boss!!! Come on people, let's make this happen! Source: Mighty No 9 KickStarter Page

What Does Seven Days Of Work On Mighty No 9 Look Like?

You tell me! I think it looks really good. Everything is using placeholder graphics, but the premise is there! With less than 31 hours left, lets get this on portable systems as well! So GIVE! Source: Mighty No 9