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Resident Evil 2 Returns and Looks AMAZING

At Sony's E3 press conference, Capcom dropped a little treat. On January 25, 2019, Resident Evil returns in a BIG way. Using Capcom's RE Engine, this remake seems to be the definitive version of the fan favorite title. Even better, the title will be released on Playstation 4, Xbox One AND PC. Watch the trailer and read the press release after the break

Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise Launches Later This Year

Well, the surprise was already spoiled, like many others, by a certain website, but now it's official. On October 2nd, you'll be able to explode heads left and right in English or Japanese. You can read the press release after the break.

Microsoft Now Owns Ninja Theory?

With all the E3 press events starting up, it was a given that some big stories would come up. Well, I was shocked to hear that Ninja Theory is now a part of Microsoft Studios. Instead of speculate as to how this happened, Ninja Theory provided a video to explain how and why this happened.