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New World of Warcraft Expansion Officially Announced!

New  World of Warcraft  Expansion announced at Blizzcon 2013! Follow the jump to see the Official Announcement Trailer for the Warlords of Draenor!

Ys Memories Of Celceta Gets A New Trailer

November 26 is too far away!

Senran Kagura Burst Release Date Set To November 14th!

Here's a game that most people thought would NEVER land on US soil. Today XSEED Games has announced that Sebran Kagura Burst will launch on November 14th exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $29.99. Read the full press release after the break

Boss Battles For The Soul

Well, we somehow missed this on KickStarter. Mark Reichwein is making a "Boss Battle" album for some classic SNES titles. The best part? It's all original music! Music that fits the style of games like Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana, and actually sound like they were generated on an SNES! What is awesome is that it is already fully funded, but why stop there? Stretch goals gives us more music!!! So give, as we always need more SNES music in this world! Source: KickStarter

T Minus Seven Days

In one week's time, the Next Gen Wars begin again.  While Nintendo's Wii U has had a whole year to dominate, and fail, Sony will release the Playstation 4 on North American soil!  One week later, Microsoft will join the fight with the Xbox One.  Who will dominate? Who knows, what I can say is that the consumer wins with choices and games.

Microsoft has a big day on the 22nd!

Besides the launch of their 3rd generation console, the Xbox One, Microsoft will also have Nokia's 1520 and 2520 releasing that day. While the 1520 is Nokia's largest Windows Phone 8 device, the 2520 will be their first entry into the tablet market. Running Windows 8 RT and specked a bit better than Microsoft's Surface 2, all 2520's will come with 32GB of storage and LTE for $499 off contract.

Sword Art Online EXTRA EDITION Worldwide Simulcast Announced!

Just in time to end the year, Aniplex of America has announced that the Sword Art Online special will simulcast worldwide. In the US, we can watch on Crunchyroll or ! Full press release after the break

Guided Fate Paradox Is Now Available In North America!

Well, a review is coming for this, once I finish Disgaea D2. So little time available, yet NIS loves giving you games that can easily span 100+ hours! How can one fit 40+ hours in day to play NIS goodness? Seriously, I need to know! Read the full press release after the break

Own The PC Version Of Batman Arkham Asylum Or City? Then Read On! UPDATED!

If you own the Steam version of the NON-GOTY  editions, you may want to go take a peak at Steam. You'll now notice that you also own the GOTY edition! IF you own the retail discs, then soon you should be able to enter your keys to redeem a Steam version. What's going on here? Well, since Microsoft killed "Games For Windows Live", you no longer can purchase DLC for your games. Soon, you will not be able to register your game either if you decide to reinstall. Not sure if this was WB Games or Steam's idea, but it will allow you to keep playing and downloading your game. FYI: Non Steam keys do not seem to be working yet. UPDATE: My retail keys worked as of a few days ago! Read everything you need to know after the jump

So, How Is The Surface 2 And Surface Pro 2 Doing So Far?

Well, despite no hard numbers, a Microsoft spokesperson did say: “The response to Surface has been exciting to see. With regard to specific sales numbers, we have nothing to share.” Regardless, you cannot deny the Surface 2 line is definitely impressive hardware. Read more about the Surface line here 

Synology Also Announces The DS214se

Synology also announced their most aggressively priced unit, for home users that will not take advantage of everything DSM has to offer. The se stands for "Single-Role" and not special edition. While capable of using DSM to it's fullest, it's not really designed for multi-tasking, but can run the full range of DSM applications. For those looking for an entry level NAS or want to replace something like an old D-Link DNS-321 or 323, this seems like the NAS for you. Full PR after the break

Synology Announces The DS214+

Synology is on a roll with the DS214 line as the DS214+ has been announced! With a Dual Core CPU, a full 1GB of RAM, 2 Gigabit network jacks, USB 3.0, AND eSATA, this is aimed at the small business/Power User! Full PR after the break

Idea Factory Launches Its Internaional Website + Giveaway!

Today is kind of a big one for Idea Factory, as is international site has launched! What is the big deal you may ask? Well, you can now keep track of all Idea Factory games worldwide regardless of its regional publisher.  On top of this, they have a contest going on that will allow you to win some epic !f prizes! Source: Idea Factory International