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Ultimate Fan Fights presents Chun Li vs Tifa!

Watch " Chun - Li vs Tifa (Street Fighter 2 vs Final Fantasy VII ) - Girl Fight! Ultimate Fan Fights Ep . 5" on YouTube

IGN has a memorial to the studios that closed down in 2012.

Granted.... 1 they got wrong. Psygnosis has been around since the 80`s until Sony bought them and changed the name to Studio Liverpool. Other than that, Studio Liverpool and Hudson Soft closures hurt me the most. Game Studios We Lost In 2012 - IGN Video WWW.IGN.COM | read more ---

Watch "The Man of Steel" Trailer

Warner Bothers released a new trailer for next year's Superman reboot. From Zach Snyder and Christopher Nolan, this looks like it may be the first good Superman movie in FOREVER!

Street Fighter just got a whole lotta cute!

And I am comfortable enough with my sexuality to rock one of these! Shown off over the weekend and made official today! A Mad Catz Arcade Fightstick Pro decked out to go along with Capcom and Sanrio's Street Fighter X Sanrio line. $160 nets you this limited time of cute brutality! Buy the PS3 Version Buy the XBOX 360 Version