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TITANFALL Controllers Popping Up At Wal-Mart?

Taken at a Wal-Mart in Las Vegas last night, TITANFALL Xbox One controllers are popping up.... Unfortunately, as is standard for a Wal-mart, for me at least, no one could be found to let me buy it. 30+ minutes of looking for someone with a key to the case is not fun! Especially when I got tired of waiting and left!

This Is A Surprise, Heroes Returns To TV In An All New Miniseries!

In a surprise announcement, NBC and Tim Kring are bringing Heroes back to TV next year in an all new miniseries called Heroes Reborn. Besides the fact that 13 episodes have been ordered and Kring being back on board, we know nothing. Who is starring, what's it about, NADA! Full PR after the break!

Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer!