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Aniplex To Release Sword Arts Online As Limited Blu-Ray And Standard DVD Editions!

To be honest, I have yet to watch a single episode of Sword Arts Online, but this may change that. Unlike Aniplex's previous Limited Editions, this is US based, and thus fit right at home with most people's budget! The Blu-Rays will include some nice swag in the form of soundtrack CD's for Volumes 1 and 3, Cast interviews on Volumes 2 and 4, a 16 page booklet and more. Aniplex, please take my money! Read the full PR after the break!

Synology Announces the DS1813+

What happens when Synology grabs a DS1513+ and makes it even more awesome? You have the DS1813+! Designed for the person who has too much data, er business', the DS1813+ takes everything that made the DS1513+ awesome and added more hard drive bays! To be honest, I look at Synology's recent releases and then back at my D-Link NAS and cry a little on the inside... Read the full PR after the break!