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It Seems As If Nintendo Just Won Over Everyone At E3!

From announcing Bayonetta 2 including the original to many Nintendo favorites returning in one for or another to some really big exclusives, it feels as if Nintendo just topped Sony's big conference yesterday. UPDATE!!!! PAC MAN JOINS SMASH BROTHERS!!! Read more after the break

E3 Is In Full Effect!

While Capcom Gets my vote for coolest name ever with Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Edition EX Plus Alpha, there are other cool things going on. Lets peek at some of our favorites so far after the break

Mad Catz Announces New Xbox One Headsets At E3!

Mad Catz ® Announces New Range of TRITTON ® Xbox One™ Licensed Headsets New Headsets Bring Affordable Gaming Audio to Xbox One Gamers San Diego – June 09, 2014 Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (“Mad Catz”) (NYSE MKT/ TSX: MCZ) announced today a new range of licensed audio headsets for Xbox One under the TRITTON ® gaming audio brand. Each headset in the range has been designed to deliver exceptional audio quality specifically tuned to the needs of the gamer.  Headsets launching include: TRITTON Kunai ™ Stereo Gaming Headset Designed for extreme comfort and extended gaming sessions, Kunai comes to Xbox One with superior stereo audio, high-quality build and an eye-catching design. Kunai is also compatible with MP3 players and a wide variety of audio devices. TRITTON Kama ™ Stereo Gaming Headset A fully featured stereo headset featuring in-line audio controls and precision-balanced 40mm speakers.  Kama is also compatible with MP3 players and a wide variety of audio