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Better Late Than Never! Geek Grotto's Playstation Vita Review!

We have had access to a 3G/WIFI Vita since February 22, and after over a month of hands on, we FINALLY can give you our opinions on the system! Read Our Full Review After The Jump!


Greetings Geeks! Captain America gives Hulk to go ahead in this new TV spot! Hit the jump to see Hulk SMASH!

20 Of The Most Ridiculous G.I. Joe File Cards

If you were a child of the 80's, then there is a good chance that some of these will be familiar. Thinking back, I can't comprehend some of these! Topless Robot has compiled 20 of the most ridiculous G.I. Joe and Cobra file cards that were a part of the packaging back then, and still are I believe. Source: Topless Robot's The 2 Most Ridiculous G.I. Joe File Cards

Live Action Mortal Kombat Vita Teaser

WB Games and NetherRealm Studios released a live action teaser for the Vita Mortal Kombat. Watch It After The Jump!

Lollipop Chainsaw Zom-Be-Gone!

Jessica Nigri , cosplayer and official Lollipop Chainsaw spokesperson, plays Juliet in this just release Lollipop Chainsaw "ad" for Zom-Be-Gone, a zombie splatter remover! Watch The "Ad" After The Jump!

Square Enix Announces Release Dates for 2 3DS Games!

Square Enix announces that THEATRHYTHM will hit US shores on July 3rd, followed buy a July 31st release date for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance! Read The Press Releases After The Jump!

Steven DeKnight Talks Spartacus Season 3!

Greetings Geeks, We were recently part of a conference call with STARZ Spartacus show runner Steven DeKnight. Steven answered a lot of questions regarding his plans for Season 3 of Spartacus. It's a very lengthy conference call, but it is also VERY informative. I think it goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that this is HUGE SPOILER territory. So if you aren't caught up with Vengeance and you don't want to know anything about next season, then just steer clear of this one. Hit the jump for that low down on Spartacus.

Anime Network's Wednesday Wabi-Sabi Presents:

Each week, the Anime Network Online features a classic anime series for nostalgia, for some to realize a series they skipped over, or just never finished. This week's title is "Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi" Read More After The Jump!

Street Fighter X Tekken Swap Costumes and Color Packs Out!

Capcom has announced that these DLC ( D isc L ocked C ontent) is available. Each character's swap costume is available at $1 or you can buy all of team SF or Team Tekken for $13 each. Also, new color packs for customizing your look and quick combos are available as well for free. Also a new patch will be available on the 10th featuring: - Online sound update, which will improve the quality of sound when playing online matches. -Tournament support update , which will expedite the gem selection process with the help of a new number wheel system. Source: Capcom Unity

Heroes Of Ruin Release Date Announced!

Square Enix's 3DS action rpg,  Heroes of Ruin,  gets released on June 26th in the US. An interesting looking single or online multiplayer game with voice chat, this is one game that will be sitting on my wish list! Read The Press Release After The jump!

DEVIL MAY CRY HD Collection Released

Capcom has announced that Devil May Cry HD Collection is available as of today, even though it was easily available every as early as last week. The game is available on both the XBOX 360 and PS3. These are great games that a new generation of gamers can now enjoy without having a PS2! Read The Press release After the Jump!

Instagram comes to Android

Greetings Geeks! Instagram is now available for Android . So you can now muck up your photos and make them look all "retro". At this point, it's a fully functional port to Android. Though there are a few features that will not be included in the first version of the Android app (Tilt Shift / Blur, Share from Feed, Live Preview and Share to Flickr) But rest assured that they have every intention of bringing those options to you in the near future. As of now, Instagram is supported on any phone running Android 2.2 or above but Android tablets are not invited to the game as of yet. There's a maximum resolution support of 2,048 x 2,048, and the company assures us that the "exact same filters and algorithms are implemented on both [iOS and Android builds], so there is no difference in the output other than the raw image quality that differs between phones." Source: Engadget

Porn sponsored Fighting Game Tournaments?

Greetings Geeks, Kotaku posted an interesting article about the adult site, Brazzers. It seems that their Special Events Director, Rob Steele, wants to have Brazzers sponsoring Fighting Game events. Brazzers is interested in sponsoring not only events, but also individual players as well. This is meeting with all kinds of interesting responses, both for and against the idea which is not surprising what with the recent scandal with the FGC and it's alleged sexual harassment. Many gamers seem to be on board with the idea. Some professional event runners however are being very clear about their feelings. Tom Cannon, co-founder of the popular EVO tournament, has already said "To be super clear, there will never be a reference to this particular sponsor at Evo, in any way, shape, or form." So there you have it. Porn sponsored Fighting Game Events and Players? Sound off Geeks! We are dying to know your thoughts. Source: Kotaku

Route 29 Batman Unmasked!

Greetings Geeks! Just about every Geek in America has seen the viral video of Batman getting pulled over in his "Batmobile" (Lamborghini) on Route 29. Well the Washington Post has an article unmasking the caped crusader and there is more to this story than a some random nutter in a costume. This Batman is the genuine article. Helping kids fight their illnesses. Hit the source link for the full article. It's a great read! Source: The Washington Post

Grottocast Episode 006 040112

Greetings Geeks, It's time for this weeks Grottocast. This week we talk about Sega's return to game consoles, Google big buyout, Game of Thrones new time slot and more! Hit the jump to watch.

Grottocast Hosts Find Real Jobs!

Deals have just been completed that will see the Grottocast hosts split up for real jobs since FOX did not want them! The Geeky Guru will co-host HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher while The Geeky Goddess will play a Roman slave girl on the next season of Spartacus and then hosting a 10 minute followup show after each episode! Also, The Geeky Goddess will be on the cover of the Oct 2012 issue of Playboy! No official start dates are available!

Geek Grotto Sold To FOX for $950.87!

In a surprise offer today, FOX Broadcasting offered us a HUGE amount of cash for the site, minus the Grottocast hosts. When asked about the news, Geek Grotto owners only said "We have spending money for Comic Con!!!" Developing...

Google Bought By Microsoft...

Google has just been sold to Microsoft for an undetermined amount of  money today! Apple, not to be outdone, offered to buy both Google and Microsoft for even more money. When asked, Google stated that they were tired of it all and figured a move to Bing for search was the answer. Also, all Android devices will now run Windows Phone 7. Apple stated they would move all Desktops to Chrome OS and IOS would be phased out in favor of Android. They would still keep the Google Search engine, but call it "Hey Steve!"

FIFA Street (2012) Review

EA Sports has recently released FIFA Street , the 4 th version in the franchise on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. More popularly known for its FIFA soccer, or football franchise, this version by EA is a hit for true soccer fans. Pulling away from the arcade-styled gameplay that FIFA Street is known for, EA has decided to make this more of a street-simulation.  More details after the jump!