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Not Sure How, But A 20+ Year Old Game Made My E3!

 Not sure who at Limited Run Games thought this was a good idea, but they deserve a raise! While I have owned the Japanese version of this game since 1997, we now get a US, English release of Castlevania Rondo of Blood, aka Dracula X, on the Turbo Duo! This means if you have a US or Japanese Turbo Duo/Duo R/Dup RX or a Turbo Grafx CD/PC Engine CD with Super System Card 3.0 or Arcade Card Pro, you can legitimately purchase this game or play it without having to patch it and waste away your CD drive with a CDR! Granted, LRG did announce a lot today, including Zombie Ate My Neighbors, the Shantae series on PS5 and more. So read all about it after the break