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Titanfall Out NOW!

If you are a PC or Xbox One gamer, you will be happy to know that you can now play Titanfall! Xbox 360 players will have to wait a few more weeks, until March 25th! I played both the XB1 and PC demos and this is the first FPS in a LOOOOONG time that has me interested! It played that good during the beta. So what are you still doing here? Unless you are waiting for the game to finish downloading or have to wait for the mail in the morning, you have titans to smash!

Synology Just Released DSM 5.0

Well, if you were afraid to try beta firmware on your NAS, you can finally jump on the DSM 5.0 bandwagon! Synology has just removed the beta tag from DSM 5.0 and you can download it now! For those who haven't tried DSM 5.0, it's quite possibly one of the biggest upgrades Synology has ever released. On our in-house DS213J, we noticed some really nice speed increases in using the interface and applications! Read the full press release after the break