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CES photo gallery

The Viewsonic Girls Well, we had 1 full day at CES and there is only so much you can do... But we did have fun and snapped up some pics to share! Peek at them after the jump!

CES 2013 product sneak peek: The Tylt Energi

PowerBag has some new competition, and from what we have seen, they should be scared! The Tylt Energi, expected sometime in April of this year, is the latest in battery powered backpacks. From what we got to see at CES, this bad boy has some features the PowerBag really needs! Read more after the jump!

We are back from CES!

Well, over the next week we will have some articles reviews, pics, and videos of what we saw and played with. From the Huawei 6.1" phablet, to Powerbag competitor Tylt, to Alpine and everything in between.  We had a blast with what we saw and can't wait to share! Sent from my Windows Phone

Fun at CES

How do you confuse a bunch of people at CES? Walk around with an N-Gage in your bag with Bluetooth visible... Reactions are funny to say the least... Sent from my Windows Phone

Hackathon $30,000 fast pitch challenge

400 participants in 70 teams this weekend... 3 devs, 2 minutes to pitch, winner gets 30 Grand, 2nd gets 10Grand, looser 5... 1st pitch... Good times A hacked neko mimi... Calls filtered my your mood...   really neat. So if your angry, your phone will reject the call. 2nd pitch- HearHere Built on Windows Phone at the moment. Share your voice on social networks... It's also its own social network... Powered by your voice. 3rd pitch- Talk To You Now Txt to voice and vice versa.... In real time My vote went to Good Times Update: Good Times WON! 

David Christopher - AT&t Mobility

Last years highlights, like Devlab, sphero, Watson speech API, and more... App resource optimizer getting full windows 8 support. New Speech API features...gaming, social, Chinese French, German, Italian, and Japanese. Advertising API. 80% rev goes to devs $100 gets deva the ability to have 1,000,000 API transactions. Alpha API program- gets devs directly with the API creators and more. Things like real time SMS translations,. Customer profile API... Shai Leib from Ask Ziggy...  In alpha... Entering just your phone number will enter all your customer info from AT&T. Webrtc- real time communications via browsers with no plugins. Mozilla and Chrome on board. Calling and video chats using the Call Management API. In Alpha, it gives you Google Voice type features ... Johns Wantz and Kyle Schei from Mya Number... Your 1 AT&T number using webrrc and you can call on your phone, tablet, connected car, web and more. Mya Number is demoing. If I decline a call, it fo

New Platforms for devs

Digital Life- 100% wireless home security... Controllable for smartphone/tablets. Allows for the user to add-on and upgrade themselves Mobile Payments- AT&T, T-mobile and Verizon working with ISIS mobile payment system.... To compete with Google Wallet. Already in test in Salt Lake City. Connected Car-  Maps, streaming music and rear seat entertainment... Video... Connected car controlling digital life security... Voice email, gps, Uverse, video calling, online ordering and payment via ISIS all from your car. Sent from my Windows Phone

And it begins- Live from the AT&T Developers Summit Keynot

Ralph De La Vega is on stage giving a quick rundown if the summit... LTE on AT&T is fastest claim by 3rd parties... Quotes on screen backing up the claim. Sent from my Windows Phone

3M showed of their massive 80" touch surface

This was fun...A chat with a 3M rep and some playtime of a multitouch 80 inch screen.... Good fun! They said it can be adapted to any size screen available and the touch count is only limited by the customer.... You want 20 point touch? 100 point? The sky's the limit.

LG/Marvell showed off Miracast at Unveiled

Finally had some hands on time wit Miracast... A wireless video delivery system. LG had a tv powered by the same Marvell chip in the current Google TV lineup and an unmarked Android tablet... From what I was told by the rep, it leverages the 5Ghz band for WiFi N.. So possibly no Nexus 7 love? Anyways... In a room saturated by an insane amount of WiFi traffic, the demo ran pretty well, well just some minor video distortion similar to Youtube when your bandwidth drops. With a delay of about less than a second, it seems like a viable way to connect to your TV... Sent from my Windows Phone

Superman gets beat up by BatMan?

Well, last night Nvidia announced its follow up to the Tegra 3 SOC (Kal-El) with the 72 core gpu Tegra 4 SOC (Wayne). So far NVIDIA's new Shield portable gaming unit and Vizio's new 10 inch tablet are confirmed to be using it... MadFinger's Dead Trigger 2 was shown running off the Tegra 4 and shows almost current gen console quality... Maybe early Xbox 369 and PS3 quality... Time to sell the Nexus 7? Sent from my Windows Phone

CES Goodies

Ok, more like goody... Upon entry to CES Unveiled, everyone was given a Bcoda JAK, a USB device that allows you to stream from your Android or IOS device to anything that accepts a USB flash drive. So, for example, I can plug it into my Tv and select audio or video files from my Nexus 7. The TV sees it as a flash drive and will stream from my tablet. The best part is that it works great! Now I wish I didn't get a pink one and they made a Windows phone version. Read more here Sent from my Windows Phone

And we are at CES 2013!

Tonight you have a few press conferences and CES Unveiled.... A pretty show for CES... I have no idea what to expect.... But I'll have photos later tonight! The festivities start at 4pm PST...