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Iron Man 3 Trailer!

When having a Hulk is not enough of an army...

TMNT: Out of the Shadows out this summer!

Not much is known except that it's based off the currently airing Nickolodeon series and will support 4 player online co-op play for XBLA, PSN and PC! Source:  digital spy

Review - Rise of the Guardians

When darkness falls across the land, the worlds greatest heroes team up to stop an evil villain and his reign of tyranny. No it isn’t the Avengers, it’s Rise of the Guardians! How did Dreamworks animated fable about the worlds favorite holiday heroes fair? Hit the jump to read my thoughts.

Help Kickstart Project Shadows!

With six days to go, Project Shadows has already hit it's funding goal of $3000 3 times over, but every little bit helps and it will help this comic make it into your local comic shop... if you still have one locally.... The brainchild of artist Alfred Trujillo and written by Alfred and Cara Nicole, aka AZ Powergirl, this is a story taking place in a dark future.... As described on the Kickstarter page: A world in RUINS. Isolation. Destruction. DEATH. You do whatever you can to survive. Welcome to 2050. Half the world population, gone. Ten years after the forced EVOLUTION of man heralded a massive world war, Samantha’s fight is just beginning. Searching for herself across the wastelands, on the run from an oppressive government and creatures left behind as reminders of the massacre, she must choose between running forever as host of a power she never wanted or fighting for what’s right and very possibly meet her DEMISE. With humankind on the balance, what will she

Editorial: Whats with all the bashing?

As of late, a lot of bashing towards cosplayers has been going on. From the quality of costume, sexiness, to the cosplayers race or figure, it makes me wonder... WHY? On Facebook, many cosplayers as of late have had issues from people reporting them or the lewd or rude comments from people. Seriously, has the anonymity of the Internet just caused people to be dumb? Sure, you have the right to voice your opinion, but so does everyone else. If you don't like something, but it's not affecting you personally, then keep going.  If it's a website, don't go there anymore. Facebook? Unlike the person or page. If it's within the terms and conditions of the site, then why bother?