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New Evil Dead "Red Band" trailer released

And it IS NOT for the weak of heart... or stomach!

Fan made Robotech live action trailer

Happy New Year geeks! For my first post of the year I give you this fan made Robotech trailer from Argentina! Sure it's in Spanish, but it matters not. Even if you don't speak it, it's easy to keep track of what's going on.... Sent from my Windows Phone

Street Fighter 4 for Android! Japan

Greetings Geeks! It's a step in the right direction. Street Fighter 4 has been enjoying a long life on iOS devices and a meager existence on Android as an LG exclusive. Well no more. Capcom has released SF4 for Android en mass! Albeit it's only in Japan. The word is that the game does have an English mode, so rumors are running about that a US release can't be far behind. Knowing what I do about Capcom and Android...I'm not holding my breath just yet. But I am wishing and hoping. Check out SFIV on Google Play Japan