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Need we say more?

Aniplex to release Nisemonogatari on Blu-Ray!

Another title to be released by Aniplex, Nisemonogatari is the sequel to Bakemonogatari, and will be on sale on February 27th! Since I personally an not familiar with the series, I'll let the Aniplex PR handle the rest! Read the full PR after the jump!

Aniplex to release Oreimo as a limited edition Blu-Ray!

Yes, also known by its full name, Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai, will get a US release date close to it's Japanese date. You get all 12 episodes + the OAVs on four Blu-Rays on February 27th for a staggering MSRP of $329.98! While that does seem astronomical for the US, that seems to be about average for Japan. Unfortunately, we are not in Japan, so only the most hardcore of anime fans and those with disposable income will be able to buy this title. Read the full PR after the jump

Confirmed: Abrams to direct Star Wars Episode VII!

It was a late night confirmation from Disney, but JJ Abrams will direct the new Star Wars Movie!!! In my opinion, Abrams did a FANTASTIC job rebooting Star Trek, and MI:Ghost Protocol was a great movie as well, so I am VERY excited for this! During the Hobbit we were treated to a 9 minute Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer which also looked awesome, so what can Abrams bring to Star Wars? I say everything Lucas failed to bring to the prequels! Read the PR via Aint It Cool News

Resident Evil 6 PC to get exclusive mode!

In what is a rare thing now-a-days, Capcom will be giving PC gamers an exclusive mode when Resident Evil 6 hits PCs in March.

Belkin to buy Cisco's home division, including Linksys!

Via Engadget comes news that Linksys will soon be a Belkin property! Belkin to acquire Cisco's home division, scoop up Linksys in the process

Nintendo announces an HD remake for The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker

Yesterday  Nintendo issued their newest Nintendo Direct video, and the Nintendo faithful were pleasantly surprised, when it was announced that an HD remake of The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker for the Wii U, was being worked on, and would be set for a fall 2013 release. Below are some screens that were presented alongside the announcement. Isn't it beautiful? I mean really, c'mon!. What stood as one of the most beautiful games to grace any console what so ever and they still find a way to improve that beauty!

Vigil games closed down after THQ auction

Well, news I was not hoping to hear. Vigil Games, a wholly owned subsidiary of THQ is no more. What this means at this moment is no followup to Darksiders unless someone picks it up and even if they do, it won't be by Vigil. Read more at Joystiq Vigil Games Lead Combat Designer stands up, says goodbye Sent from my Windows Phone

Nintendo announces Shin-Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem for the Wii U

Today Nintendo  released a video trailer announcing a new game titled Shin-Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem for the Wii U gaming system. This will mark the first time ever, that these two powerful franchises have ever crossed paths. The video offers little in the way of direction for the game, save it is being presented by Atlus . The Fire Emblem series is widely known for its epic Tactical Strategy game play, fused with solid stories, and RPG elements abound. The Shin-Megami Tensei series span several RPG sub-genres, over the course of multitude of series, and a F2P MMO, as well. Three of the more recent releases for the Shin-Megami family were Shin-Megami Tensei : Devil Survivor (For the Nintendo DS), Shin-Megami Tensei : Devil Survivor : Overclocked (For the Nintendo 3DS), and Shin-Megami Tensei : Devil Survivor 2 (For the Nintendo DS). Each of these three were Tactical based Strategy/RPG games, as well. In the wake of this we will make sure to update, as soon as we catch any wo

THQ butchered at auction!

Well, today marks the end of an era as THQ is no more. So who got what today? Well here is what's known. Sega picked up Relic and the Company of Heroes IP for $26.6 million. Ubisoft grabbed THQ Montreal with the 1666 and Underdog IPs for an insanely low 2.5 million. Ubi also grabbed the South Park: The stick of Truth for $3.265 million. Take-Two grabbed a single IP, Metamorphosis, for $10.894 million. Knock Media Group (Deep Silver)  picked up Volition with Saints Row for $22.3 million. They also snagged the Metro license, including 2033 and 2034 for $5.877 million. Crytek is now the home for Home front at a cost of $544,218? Obviously no one wanted Homefront. Hopefully this can be good for gamers. No word how support for current games will or if they will continue. We'll updatre this as more info surfaces.

Nintendo Force magazine has arrived!

Shorty after Nintendo Power magazine announced to the world that it was  ceasing publication  , another movement had been announced to said world. A movement that was not sponsored by Nintendo directly, but instead came from a group of die hard fans who intended to put out their own magazine, to share their love for one of the greatest companies in this industry, and more so the longest running video game magazine in history. That labor of love, and magazine is Nintendo Force Magazine .

Dead or Alive 5 ver 1.03 trailer!

Dead or Alive update 1.03 Now available for the PS3, next week for the XBOX 360!

Tecmo Koei announced today that Dead or Alive 5 is getting a version update! Available now on the Playstation 3 and on the 29th for the XBOX 360, this update contains a new setting, some balance tweaks, and new costume packs that fans of the DOA Extreme Volleyball games will enjoy! Read more after the jump

Capcom confirms Resident Evil Revelations for home consoles

Capcom has just made it official that the former Nintendo 3DS exclusive will be out on May 21 on the XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U on physical disc as well as on the PlayStation 3 and PC as a digital download on that day with the XBOX 360 and Wii U digital downloads to follow afterwards. RE Revelations was an early title on the 3DS and showcased 3D done right. No word if any of the console or PC versions will support 3D yet....

CES 2013: We interview Archos about the Archos Gamepad!

While at CES, we also had a chance to talk to Craig from Archos again. This time about the Archos Gamepad, a 7" Android Table running Jelly Bean and featuring actual buttons for gameplay. The best part is Archos' Game Mapping tool that allows you to map your touchscreen controls to the buttons on the tablet. Watch Craig tell us about the Gamepad after the jump!

Project X Zone is US BOUND!!!

Capcom let loose that the Bandai X Capcom X Sega JRPG will be out this summer!!!!!! Project X Zone coming to North America, Capcom characters in tow Send by Fuse Sent from my Windows Phone