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PlayStation Vue, Is It Worth The Effort??

So, Sony's attempt to grab cord cutter is out today. PlayStation Vue has launched in 3 US regions today. What starts as a great idea, streaming live TV with dvr features, quickly turns sour when you see the pricing. For $49-69, depending on the plan you want, gets you the equivalent of basic cable for the same price or more!!! At $30, it would be a perfect compliment to Netflix, Hulu and others, but the prices sony want for a service that ONLY works on the PS3 and PS3 right now seems like a project destined to fail. Where I am, $60 a month would net me a basic cable package with HD that includes more channels. Others may be able to snag basic WITH a premium channel for around the same or less! While the idea is sound, pricing kills it! What do you think?? Source: Sony

Editorial - A Google Lover's Lament

First, a confession. I am a Google whore. If there is one company whose products and services I completely swoon over, it’s Google. From Search to Google+, I use them all. I love the tight integration across apps and services. And all for my favorite price...FREE. I also adore Android. What a great OS! So well woven into all of Google’s services and apps that I can’t imagine using any other OS for my phone. I’ve had a slew of Android phones and tablets. All of which have done everything I could hope for at the time except for one glaring detail... I am an artist. I love to draw. At home, I had a standard desktop computer and a Wacom Cintiq 12wx drawing tablet. As an artist, there was nothing better than being able to create right in my computer. Except being able to create wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. It’s because of this desire that I said goodbye to my Cintiq 12wx, my Nexus 7 tablet and invested heavily in a Surface Pro 2. As an artist, this devic