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Synology To Show DSM 5.0 Beta At CES

Announced today to be shown at CES...TODAY, Synology is be showing DSM 5.0 to the world! If you don't know, DSM is the backbone of all of Synology's NAS devices, from consumer to enterprise. The significance of DSM 5.0 lies in the fact that even lower end devices will see a huge performance increase. Also, syncing with Google Drive/DropBox, sharing with Facebook and Google+, as well as direct YouTube uploads from PhotoStation! Read the full press release after the break

"It's Time For The Ass To Get The Respect It Deserves" - We Watched The World Premire Of Space Dandy!

In what is probably a first, at least for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup, we get Space Dandy, hours ahead of the Japanese airing. What is Space Dandy? Well, According to the show, it's about "A Dandy, in space." Brought to us by Shinichiro Watanabe, the mind behind Cowboy Bebop, And Bones, the studio that gave use shows like Eureka Seven and Soul Eater, Space Dandy is... well... Dandy? Read More