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We Interviewed The Cast Of Street Fighter Assassin's Fist At SDCC!

What do you think the reason that Street Fighter Assassin's Fist kicked so much ass? Plain and simple the pure LOVE of the Street Fighter universe that Joey Ansah has. After the Street Fighter panel at SDCC, he sat outside of the room with fans just talking Street Fighter for a good half hour to 45 minutes. You could tell this was a project near and dear to his heart and he has made a better Street Fighter movie than Hollywood did on a much smaller budget. Remember, the DVD and Blu-Ray land this October with an additional 15 minutes NOT seen on Machinima, So go to Amazon and BUY IT !

We Interview Shinji Aramaki, The Director Of Appleseed Alpha At SDCC

It took us a bit to finally start sorting through our SDCC footage, but here is the first interview. Shinji Aramaki, besides directing Appleseed, also was the mechanical designer for many 80's shows. From Genesis Climber Mospeada (3rd arc of Robotech in the US), to Transformers, M.A.S.K. and much, much more. This man helped shape our childhood....and more importantly, quite possibly our geek fandom!