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We Interview Christian Sesma About "The Vigilante Diaries"

We had a chance to talk to the Director and Producer of "The Vigilante Diaries", Christian Sesma, at SDCC this year.If their fundraiser succeeds, we learn what this new web series has in store for us!

Well, I guess Comic Con Did Take A Bit More Out Of Me Than I Thought!

I was hoping to have the 1st of a few interviews up today, but instead, I spent it asleep! We have interviews with Smith Micro about Poser, Christian Sesma for The Vigilante Diaries, Harmony Gold for Robotech, Capcom for Ducktales and more! Just a bit of patience is needed :)

Hands On With The Nokia Lumia 1020 At GDGT During SDCC!

This year during the San Diego Comic Con, Engadget held a GDGT Live meetup at Stingaree. Among many of the sponsors, Nokia what there showing off the Lumia 1020! So I did what any full blooded geek would do, I asked if I could play with it!!! After a few minutes, I realized that this is the best camera phone on the market and could easily replace most point and shoot cameras!

Evil Dead's Director, Fede Alvarez, Tells Us A Few Things

We had a chance to chat with Fede Alvarez, the director of the recent Evil Dead movie, and learned a few interesting things. First and foremost, the movie that was released is his Director's Cut. He was happy to not have to butcher his film to keep an R rating! Second, and the matter that people think CG was used? "Bulls@#t!. We picked a location were we knew the river would overflow eventually. So we filmed the initial scenes and then went ahead and continued filming the movie. Once the river started rising, we sent a crew to film it while we went ahead with the movie" What about Bruce? "I initially wanted to bring in Bruce (Cambell) and Ted Raimi, but was told this is my Evil Dead movie, so make it my own!" After that, someone asked about Bruce's cameo at the end, to which Fede said "At first, we didn't have Bruce in it at all. As we started to market the movie, people kept asking if he was in the movie. After people finally started to bel

And We Are Back From San Diego!

Well folks, this year SDCC was exhausting! We have plenty of pics and video to sort through and will start posting as soon as we can!!!

Superman / Batman Summer 2015!

"I want you to remember, Clark... in all the years to come... in your most private moments... I want you to remember... my hand... at your throat... I want... you to remember... the one man who beat you." Superman / Batman movie announced for Summer 2015! Follow the break for more