Ultimate Delivery Vehicle

Pizza and geek, two things that have lived in a symbiotic relationship, since... well, forever (I think); which is why this is for you!  If you read this blog, it's safe to assume you are a geek.  And if you are a geek, it's safe to assume you like pizza.  And if you like pizza, it's safe to assume you probably like Domino's.  And how many times has Domino's delivered to your dorm/apartment/lab/parent's basement?  At least 37 million times, right?  Right... So how can you, as a geek, give back to Domino's?  Simple, check out their Ultimate Delivery Vehicle challenge, the chance to design the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle.  Time to whip out those bamboo boards and whip up some magic in Auto CAD or whatever else you're running.  You need to hurry though, the contest ends September 23rd!  If you or somepony you know love's Domino's and just happens to be geeky enough to also happen to like industrial design, then here is your opportunity!

Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Contest

Good Luck, Brohoof /)

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