MicroReview: Horn for Android

As Horn, you just happen to wake up one day, not knowing how you got there, and everything seems to be in ruin. You find a horn,a mysterious crystal and a rusted sword before venturing outside... That is the first moments in Phosphor Game's Horn.

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In this new 3rd person action game, you take Horn on a journey to figure out what has happened while he was asleep! What makes Horn an interesting game is first and formost are it's visuals. Using the Unreal Engine and taking advantage of Nvidia's Tegra chipset, Horn is quite possibly one of the most beautiful Andoid game on the market.

Phosphor Games has taking what they learned from "The Dark Meadow", another Unreal engine game, and the results are amazing for a mobile game. The game looks great and plays smoothly as well.

I am not the biggest fan of touchscreen controls, but Horn does them right! The controls are responsive and make sense. Want to walk over there? Tap the ground over there! Falling off a ledge? Swipe in the opposite direction! Giant Pygon in front of you? Swipe your sword all over it!

Looks great don't it?
 Now Horn isn't perfect, yet. I still get a few force closes every once in a while on my Nexus 7, or sometimes the audio doesn't sync with the video. Sometime I get some minor texture corruption in the background, but will try redownloading it to fix it. Other than that, Horn is worth the asking price of $5.99 on the play store!

Our rating?

4 out of 5 Geegamons!

Even better, as of this writing, Horn is 25 cents today (9/30/2012) so it's a great day to jump on it!

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