Archos releases its media player for all Android Devices!

My Android adventure began with the Archos A101 Gen 8 and then moved quickly to the Acer Iconia A500 to a Nexus 7. The one thing the Archos did better than the 2 more powerful devices was media playback. My Archos would struggle with apps, games, etc. Play a movie though and it was GREAT! Archos has now released that wonderful media player for $4.99 in the PLAY Store. Folks, it's worth it! all my other media players have been uninstalled since the Archos Media Player is just that good! Tried a few 1080p titles and it blew through them like a hot knife through butter. Best of all? All of the features are there. Downloading of addition info, subtitle support, codec support, and more!

Buy it now: Archos Media Player on the Play Store

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